Depression screening is included in the student medical examination, don’t forget to protect privacy

  Recently, depression screening is incorporated into the topic of the health checkup of the students, and has a lot of attention in the Internet. A few days ago, the Ministry of Education responded to the fourth meeting of the 13th National Committee of the CPPCC on further implementation of the prevention and control measures of adolescents, which clearly indicates that depression screening into the health medical examination content, and establishing students mental health. Files, assessing students’ mental health status, have a focus on students who have abnormal assessment results.

  Previously, a domestic study published in "Liu Yeji – Psychiatric" shows that the prevalence of Chinese adult depression is as high as%, of which depression accounts for%, in these depressed disorders, only% have received hygiene. Service agency treatment.

From the data, depression is not "small diseases", but is an important issue of tens of millions of people’s physical and mental health. In various groups, adolescent students with depression have more concern. On the one hand, young students are originally in the high age of depression, and the factors such as peers, academic expectations, and family relationships may become the triggering of depression. On the other hand, if adolescent depression can not be prioritized in time, effective treatment, it will not only fall into a difficulty "sick root", but also causing difficult consequences. Based on these facts, the relevant departments will include depression screening into the health checkup of the students, and is a worthy thing.

This can make patients with sick students and early diagnosis and treatment, as well as the mental health of the school and the relevant departments to grasp the mental health of young people, thereby developing more targeted countermeasures.

  Through the medical examination to laminate depression screening, the biggest benefit is to cover all the students in all directions, no dead angles, which means that the school and physical examination agencies must carry the corresponding personal information management responsibility, and must not be willful. Leak or abuse screening results. It is of course not shameful to suffer from depression, but in the heart of youth, the values ??are not yet mature, this problem is obviously more complicated.

  In social media, there is no shortage of people who have suffered from depression in the student’s era, telling that they have experienced by the classmates "further eye-catching". Even if they come out of the campus and may also be discriminated against in society. In order to protect the patient, it is essential to discrimination, and the school is also strictly established to establish "information firewall", only will be able to bear confidential responsibility, and have the necessary mental health knowledge. In addition, in the case of helping the patient, the school also pays attention to the way and method, listening to professional opinions in the field of mental health, less unseasoned self-propelled claims.

The Ministry of Education has specifically mentioned when he replied to the Political Consultative Proposal: Students who have abnormal assessment results will focus on. Can schools grasp the degree of "focus", and directly determine what role will play.

  In the face of students with depression, the school must recognize the particularity of their psychological state, as well as warmth, good attitude towards it, and can not excessively "treat", but let students feel invisible pressure. . At the end of the root, we must solve the problem of depression, or by regular, professional medical treatment. As depression screening is included in the student’s medical examination, adolescent depression will will receive more attention. I sincerely hope that the relevant policies can get professional and rigorous implementation across the country, so that the beautiful original intention of policy development is fulfilled.