Qingshui River: Beautiful like a painting

Chen Minwen / photo "Qingshui River is a young river, ‘Qingshan green water is Jinshan Yinshan’, so the famous water river, the clean and clear river is the wealth of the people.

Lu Zhihong told the modern express reporter. Different from other rivers, Qingshui River is a new river in 2009. At that time, the 2007 Taihu water crisis, in order to vent, it is an important floss of floss channels and irrigation rivers in the jurisdiction. It belongs to the ecological rivers in the wetland in Zhuwan, which is a rural landscape river.

The entire Qingshui River is full of kilometers, flowing through Snow Wave, Huzhuang 2 streets, port, Yuxin, farmland, etc., is the "three vertical three horizontal" backbone "" three vertical three horizontal " ". Lu Zhong told the Modern Express reporter. The river in the Yugu New Community is about kilometers. On the one hand, each community needs to govern the river channel in various jurisdictions. On the other hand, the entire Qingshui River also needs linkage and collaboration of the sectors. In June 2017, with the step-by-step promotion of Wuxi "Heavy System", the overall governance of Qingshui River was officially launched.

Lu Zhihong turned out of the photo before governing, and told reporters: "Because Qingshui River is very ‘young’, the problem of river has relatively much, mainly some of the vegetables and casual chicken sheds of the villagers of the river bank, and casually. Duck shed. After community cadres and the people actively communicate, interpretation, community residents are also actively cooperated.

"As a rural landscape river, Qingshui River is naturally not less."

Lu Zhong told the Modern Express reporter. In order to ensure the overall quality of river greening, the community of Qingshui rivers and the streets jointly hired professional greening companies to conduct overall planning, planting and maintenance.

In addition, the community also arranges three staff, and two to three times a week to clean up the river and the surrounding area.

It is worth mentioning that the flowers and trees of Qingshui River have also taken special considerations.

Lu Zhong told reporters that due to the functional positioning of floods in the Qingshui River, the water level in the flood season will rise, so the flowers and wood varieties on the river must not only consider beauty, but also consider water resistance. Therefore, the seedlings on the Qingshui River chose Park trees, eucalyptus, and aquatic plants, aquatic and aquatic and beautiful.

Today, the Qingshuihe after the governance has become a rural landscape river, and there are nearby residents to walk around every day. A Li surnamed Auntie told reporters: "The river environment is beautiful, the river is clean, our quality of life is improved, the living environment is also improved!" Relevant recommendations.