I even think that Xiao Joh will start to tell him in the heart.。

Xiao Yage God『color』Be irregularly『color』,Just watching her eyes,Plainly:“go in。”
Yan Zhi is unknown,Have a sound:“it is good。”
乖 进 进。
Xiao Jie seems to be a bit abnormal。
Abnormal situation,Branch『touch』Not allow,Naturally vigilant,Did you dare to walk side by side when http://www.digetongfang.cnwalking,I have been falling behind him.,There is also a getting farther.。
Walking in front of Xiao Yo stopped,Look back at her:
“What happened to your leg??”
Xiao Zhidao:“Going so slowly。”
Xiao surnamed male,It’s really going to talk too.。
Yan Branch sinks,Immediately step forward,Soon Upper Lead,Footsteps keep going forward。
Leave Xiao Jozhi in the same place『Confuse』:How did she suddenly go so fast??Is to prove that you are fine?
……never mind,She is nothing to do。
Qingli is waiting for them in the hospital.,Hand and a pot of tea,It is not just a way to say this.。
“How are you in the past?,And take a look at me。”
The two are relatively,And pull the distance。
Surface,Inner heart。
She has recently understood more,But I http://www.zhuangyan086.cn don’t dare to say Xiao Yan who can be and closed.,What’s more, she still squeezes out time。
This is ideal,枝 的 心 阵 阵,Quite a bit uncomfortable、The meaning of the blood。
Both people respect,Continue to pull the sword out of sheath,All are rushing toward each other in the first time。
Acacia sword with the broken sword,Two quarters overlap。
Sword blade。
枝 眸,And Xiao Johuan。
Xiao Yao light micro-motion,A pair of beautiful peach blossoms,Wrist rotation,Sword follows,Jian Feng’s trend is not as expected。The sword is only wiped away from the face of the branch.,Hide by her,Only cut a hair。http://www.lvf-sale.cn
“so close!”
Don’t dare to fell lightly,Bite the hits。
Her swords are light,This can take Xiao Yan to retreat for half a step.,Let her don’t bother。
Yan Zhi just felt a happy meaning,Suddenly I feel that the enthusiasm of the chest seems to have the luck just now.,Circulate,Rush to your eyes。
Her line of sight suddenly blurred,I used it hard to blink.,Immediately feel that there is stock temperature『liquid』The body is full of her eyes falling down.。