“Means of,Our difference between us and Lingtian,It is equivalent to the gap between the previous cave deficiency and the first change.。”

“so,Now,Instead, it is your own trick and fight.,And summer is a enchanting in this regard.,I am only afraid that he is doing him.。”
Everyone, I am analyzing the situation.。
finally,Summer standing,In front of everyone’s face,again‘Change’Two paper boxes,Whole food inside。
“Separate this,I have something else to do.,You are also careful,It’s really impossible.,Hide in the fog。”
“summer,What are you going to do??”
Qinling is full of worry, standing up,Jiang Luo Shen、Xiani and good sounds also looked over。
http://www.leaderich.cn Only Luomei’s eyes look at the three paper boxes on the ground,Dead, staring at the two hands in the summer,The face is full of unbelievable doubts。
“I am going to kill。”
Summer look,The back color is slow,“You follow me,Can only be tired,Remember,protect yourself。”
He did not give everyone to continue to ask the opportunity,Take a big walk。
Gangan also stood up,Silently follow。
Looking at the back of the two,Several people are silent。
Luo Ma sighed,“His heart has a big sadness and hate,Can press this extent,It’s not bad.……”Qinling a few women are all silent。
Folder turned around to turn around,They all feel,Summer seems to have become unfamiliar.。
……the other side,Summer and Gano walking in the mountain forest。
They returned to the original battlefield again。
This is the summer deli。
To kill a horse http://www.pedtm.cnback,Take a look at which people will be sent。
Far away,He saw a lot of shadow。
They are dealing with the body。
In a height,Establish a five different。
Should send a low voice channel,“The Taoist of the sword is the palm of Tianshan School.,That monk is Shaolin’s mysterious master,The old man is Fanyang Loli,Another two people from the lotus,One person from Kunlun School,Are the cave masters。”
Summer picking your eyebrows,Slightly surprised it,“How do you know??”
Gano low eyebrows,road,“Time,I follow your mother to be mixed in the crowd.,It is she told me.,At that time, the cave is full of thousands.,I almost remember their identity and name.,But a few days later,Among many people,Master of the cave,Already tens of thousands。”
“I see。”
Summer nice head,“You are waiting for me here.,I kill them。”
http://www.headcq.cn me and you together。”
Gano light flash。
“Need not。”
Summer shakehead,“If it is before,To kill them may abolish a hand feet,But now kill them like a probe。”