Once in the VIP room,Grandma Luo was a little tired and lay on the bed。Xia Jian can’t stand it anymore,He smiled and said:“Grandma Luo,I am a small injury,There is no need for such a big fight。Can actually go home to raise,I won’t spend the wrong money”

“nonsense,You got hurt because of our old Luo family,Moreover,They earn so much money,Can it be used up??Money is outside the body,Do not bring,Don’t take it。So you can take care of your injuries,Don’t worry about money anymore”Grandma Luo said very firmly。
At this moment,Luo Yi gently opened the door of the ward and walked in,She smiled and said:“grandmother!You can’t do this,Let’s go back,In case you have something,Are you taking care of Xia Jian?Xia Jian will take care of you?”
“Less nonsense,Xia Jian got hurt for our family’s troubles,We have to take care of him!I don’t agree with the nurse。Listen to me,I will take care tonight,Which Wu Qian will come tomorrow!Pretend to be okay”
Grandma Luo raised her voice very high,She wanted to tell Wu Qian on purpose。
Luo smiled and said:“grandmother,Aunt Wu went to talk about Xia Jian,She can’t hear you no matter how loud you are。How about this!I’ll take care of Xia Jian for you tonight,You go back to rest”
“Go! Go! Go!You have to take care of yourself,You still take care of Xia Jian。You and Ali will go back,Here i am,You come to change shift with me tomorrow”Grandma Luo said,Fall asleep,I closed my eyes。
Luo Yichong Xia Jian smiled sweetly,Made a helpless expression。At this time,The ward door was pushed open。Luo Jun and Wu Qian walked in side by side,Don’t tell me,The couple looks a bit uncoordinated。
“Luo Dong!I am sorry,I didn’t expect to alarm you too”Xia Jianyi saw Luo Jun,Hurriedly sat up straight,He whispered。
Luo Jun smiled and said:“Don’t be polite。I’ll help you,Don’t care about anything。My guest of Luo Jun,They dare to fight”
“Go! Go! Go!To blow the cowhide and go outside,My old lady still has to sleep”Grandma Luo lying on the accompany bed closed her eyes,Very angry shout。
Luo Jun is not angry,Instead, he sat next to Grandma Luo and said:“mom!Your old man is getting older,We’ll take care of Xiaoxia’s affairs”
“Talk less to me。Our old Luo family has always done things with clear grievances,Xia Jian did it for the trouble of our family,Do you say i can leave it alone?”Grandma Luo was excited,I couldn’t help but turned over and sat up。
Don’t look at Luo Jun as the chairman of Longdong Jili,But he was in front of Grandma Luo,Honestly like a kid who made a mistake。Wu Qian standing on the side is even more nervous, not even knowing where to put her hand。
Grandma started training her son,As a granddaughter, Luo Yi wants to talk,But dare not say。For the first time, Xia Jian understood the power of real tutoring。
“Grandma Luo,How do you really want to stay with me in the hospital,I have no opinion,Just from now on,Can’t lose any temper。Start resting now,good or not?”Xia Jian saw that Luo Jun couldn’t help his mother,The situation is a bit embarrassing,He had to come out to make a round。
Grandma Luo looked at Xia Jian like a child,Just fell on the bed,Then she fell asleep。
Luo Jun hurriedly got up,Chao Xiajian said hello,Take Wu Qian away。A few people do not disturb Luo You’s grandma to sleep,They didn’t say a word,Just gesturing to leave。
Grandma Luo is young after all,Luo Jun is still a little worried。So the nurse made another rest bed,Called the nanny Ali again,Let her take care of Xia Jian and Grandma Luo。