“But if you really have a men and women,Qin family should also understand what family,I have such a small boss, but I can’t resist it.,Even if your land is going to exist。”

Finish,Zuo Gaopeng took directly to the shoulder of the land:“Within three days,Pretty girls are at least four!Less one less you pay 100,000 pieces,Of course, bring more than 100,000 pieces.,You think about it.。”
When the land repaired Tan Aiguo came out,Still a face,I even feel that the impact tonight is too big to him.。
Especially in the case of everything is not ready.,Actually, I learned that my old man has children.。
This is what he didn’t expect to happen to himself.。
“patriotic,Do you feel that Teacher Li can pack it??”
About Zuo Gaopeng said, he didn’t want Tan Aiguo to know,Because I know,So Tan Aio may not go to do that kind of thing.。
I used to bully the teacher,Bully,That is because the teacher has no background.,Students have no background。
Dye is afraid of hard,Hard afraid,I am afraid of nothing.,Don’t be afraid of face with background。
And they are hard。
Why is the loose rain lunar?,That is because the loose rain is a bit related to their families.,Otherwise it is also bullied.。
Tan Aioguo heard this,I thought about Li’s situation before the wind.。
“Can packed up,It is possible to hide a little.,But I really have to have a couple I feel no problem.。”
“Row,I am satisfied with you this sentence.。”
Finish,He directly took out one thousand pieces to each other。
“Brothers,Buy some supplements,Let him be disabled tomorrow!”
Tan Aioguo heard this,But it is directly rejected.。
“Land repair,Disability is going to remember it is very likely to be removed.!Although we are learning,But I am a body parenting,It is possible not to use too high discipline score!”
“I know,Didn’t say that you will be disabled on the spot,Understand?”
This,Tan loves the country,But one thousand pieces he feels also to send a flower。
“After the event,100,000 pieces,How about it?”
“Row,I will take this money.。”
I heard 100,000 pieces,Tan Aioguo has not hesitated。
Take money directly。
Looking at the back of Tan Aiguo,Land reminds that it is disdainful.。
So like this kind of guy,He feels easily able to pick up the service of the other person.。
He went back soon,I started looking for people to investigate Li Hui’s things.。
At this time, Li Hui Feng is directly bringing Qin Xue to his own residence.。
Originally he wants to send Qin Xue back,Just thinking about the enthusiasm of the family,He has some tolerance。
Qin Xue is very obviously being prescribed.。
As for the drunk,He feels that there should be no big problem.。