The bell rings for the last class of high school,The students gather in groups,Where to celebrate after discussing,And at this moment,A lonely boy quietly left from the back door of the classroom,From beginning to end,Did not attract anyone’s attention。

“As a rebirth,Second experience of college entrance examination,But still the result,I really am a useless person……”Zhao Feng walked out of No. 1 Lieutenant Colonel,Helplessly shook his head and smiled bitterly,The heart is more lost than when I failed the first time before rebirth、Inferiority。
Zhao Feng unexpectedly reborn from his first college entrance examination failure three years ago,Re-enter Nanshan No. 1 Middle School。
The beginning of rebirth,Zhao Feng is full of spirits、Full of energy,I want to use myself“Future man”Create your own rebirth legend,however,Before his rebirth, Zhao Feng was just a high school graduate who failed the college entrance examination.,After rebirth, he is at most a high school student with the soul of a high school graduate,Rebirth didn’t give him any more advantages。
but,Zhao Feng is not too greedy,Rebirth after all,Give him three years longer than ordinary people,Even if it can’t change the world,At least change my destiny,In these three years,Become a schoolmaster!
however,Time can kill all enthusiasm,Even if it’s rebirth。
Zhao Feng’s study plan didn’t work out,In fact,After rebirth, he is still not smart,As the time goes,He started to realize:Even if reborn,I have no advantage among classmates。
One semester later,Zhao Feng lost“Reborn”Blind confidence。
Life thereafter is no different from campus life before rebirth,sometimes,Zhao Feng would even doubt:perhaps,“Before rebirth”Just a dream of prophecy,Alluding to life now and now……
Zhao Feng walked aimlessly on the street,His mind is blank,I didn’t even notice that the scenery around me changed from familiar to strange,Until night falls,He stopped,Look around,Wan Lai is quiet、Lonely。
“This is where?”
No response,Zhao Feng concluded that this is no longer the county seat,After all, surrounded by mountains and forests,Country dirt road at the foot,Not even street lights,Fortunately, the moon is bright tonight,Not going in the dark。