Complete the rural circulation short plate commerce department to promote "three sinking"

Original title: Supplementing the "three sinks" in the Ministry of Commerce in the Press Conference held in today’s new office, the Ministry of Commerce said that my country’s circulation industry has developed very rapidly, and the circulation efficiency is improved. Gradually decline, 2020 total social logistics costs and GDP’s ratio has fallen to%, compared to 2012 declined a percentage point.

The circulation is produced, and it has fundamental and pilot effects in the national economy.

Wang Wentao said that my country’s circulation development is really good, but it is also necessary to see problems and short boards in development.

For example, rural business has a great potential, but logistics, courier to township coverage is%, and only 50% over the village level, "this short board has restricts the further development of rural consumption.

"The Ministry of Commerce proposes that the county is planned," the county is centered, the township is the focus, the village ", promoting the construction of rural business system, encouraging and promoting" three sinking "in marketization.

First, the sinking of the enterprise supply chain is mainly to encourage the marketing network of large circulation enterprises to extend to rural areas, providing distribution and standardization for small merchants in rural households. Second, logistics distribution, including electricity Commercial distribution, postal, supply and marketing, express delivery, encouragement further sinking; three is the characteristics of goods and services, rural commodities should be suitable for rural areas, service consumption in the short board in the countryside, including after-sales service, Continue to strengthen. In terms of urban, the next step in the next step in the construction of international consumer cities, business districts, pedestrian streets and specialty blocks, the Ministry of Commerce emphasizes to extend to "last kilometers" – community, build a 15-minute convenience life circle.

Accelerate the construction of a vegetable market, convenience store, and community integrated service center. Accelerate the development of convenience store brand-changing development, support enterprises to carry out digital transformation, innovation, and promote convenient consumption, and promote standardized vegetable market construction.

In addition, the Ministry of Commerce will also improve the business circulation facilities to increase the construction of cold chain logistics.

Strengthen emergency insurance, do a good job of warning, if there is a short-term short-term in some places, the supply is affected, there is abnormal data, to make a prompt and alert, and immediately start the warranty measures.

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