Lu Haozheng knows her meaning,Say:“Blue Director,This does not affect,Saturday, Saturday, you can shoot it.。”

Blue Xin instantly does not refute,He is all right.,What can she say??
Actor,What is going on is good,Her refusal,When it is blocked, the road is blocked.。
Blue Xin’s first time in front of everyone, it is a son.,Everyone’s envy of her envy。
Lan Xin:“But I still have to ask about his opinion.。”
Lu Haocheng Road:“good!no problem。”Taking him, understanding,Of course, it will definitely。
but,His eyes look at Muzi,Say:“Mu,Children’s spokesperson,Also tell you to talk to his broker.!”
Mu Ziyi listened,This thing he is very happy to do。
He smiled and nodded.,road:“no problem,I will handle it。”
Lu Hao nodded,road:“As for the endorsement fee,Let him open a price。”
“Cough”Mu Zizi suddenly gave him this.,Almost didn’t bite your tongue。
NS494chapter:People live alive,Have to work hard

NS494chapter:People live alive,Have to work hard
This Lu Hao,It’s too bad.,The endorsement fee of his own son,Can let his son bid a price。
Foreman,How did he be so small??
That Yang Qingyun,So do you talk about it??
certainly,Lu Hao Cheng,It is completely two concepts,He is nowacountry,In the river,But a big red man。
Lu Haocheng’s cold gaze silently looked at him.,Not talking。
He looked at everyone asked:“What else can you have??”
Everyone shook his head quickly,His all hammered things,Who still dares opinion?
Lu Hao Cheng,Tone:“so be it,Break?You all left,Blue director left。”
Everyone listened like a big amnesty,Quickly get up。
Mu Ziyou three times,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng,This will open simple,All the burden falls on his body。
no,This company has established brand clothing,real estate,Equity,Multivariate,This is a professional business pattern,Why is it only one of his people?。
Four people,The easiest thing is Su Seiming.。
But,No matter how he complains,Now things have been unable to change。
And the title of the title,Can only sit quietly on the stool quietly。
Spacious and bright office,Suddenly only two people。
Lu Hao Cheng suddenly got up,Going to her side with elegant pace,Holding arm,Deep black loudly looked lazy,But not talk。
Blue Xin looked at him laughing:“Say,What to say about me??”
Lu Hao became slightly moved.,Sitting next to her。
“Blue,This year your product design,It’s all fashionable winds to the fashion,However, this time you can change the impression of the terminal image.,Can effectively promote the influence of the brand。