Every family has hard-to-read sutras,It seems that this is true。Chief Wang Youcai let out a sigh of relief,He laughed and said:“also,I listen to you。What time you decide,Then I will let Wu Wu drive to pick them up”

“I think the 22nd of this month is a good day,I’ve discussed this with Xiaomei,She agrees”Tian Wa said happily。
Wang Youcai silently counted,More than a week left,Everything can come。Tian Wa got married here,You can work here with all your heart,For him,Also a good thing。
Wang Youcai smiled at Tianwa:“Ok!Leave it to me,I promise to do it for you。Down for your free time,Bring people to clean up which room is in the west,I’ll make you a wedding room!”
“Thank you brother Wang!I’ll take someone to get it after get off work today”Tian Wa said,Happily turned and ran。
Wang Youcai started to go back,This subordinate is going to get married,But myself?This hard-headed Yao Chunni has to wait for a year。But this is also good,He likes to be free。
First2346chapter Finally married
The sun just came out,There was a deafening salute over Xiping Village。Today is the big day of Xia Jian and Ma Yan,It seems that everyone in Xiping Village is moving。
Start at dawn,Xia Jian’s compound。On the six running water mats are people,The people waiting for the banquet lined up。
Manager Chen Erniu really broke his throat,Too many people are helpless,Can’t be too busy。Fortunately, at eight o’clock,All the children went to school。The adults in the village have the opportunity to have a banquet。
This is how the countryside is,The picture is this lively。But Xia Jian took a look,That does not work,Too few tables,This to noon,I will definitely be too busy。
He called Xia Sanhu,Arranged for a while in his ear。Listen to Xia Sanhu,Hurriedly took a few young people away。In a while,There are two more tables on the edge of the yard。And outside the gate,Also arranged two tables。
Thus,It is very easy to deploy。I won’t let people who come to the banquet stand by and wait。Ten tables,One up and down, one hundred people。Even if the whole village comes to eat,I’ve gotten it through ten times。
Xia Jian is the groom today,Can’t work,He stood by and kept passing on the information he knew to Chen Erniu。At ten o’clock,Xia Jian and several elders of the Xia family took some gifts to pick up the bride.。
at this time,The salute sounded again,Rang for ten minutes。On this piece,Xia Zecheng is not afraid to spend money,He wants the whole village,And even people in the surrounding villages know,His Xia Zecheng’s son married a wife。
A village is much simpler,Xia Jian connects Ma Yan,Her parents and some close relatives came along。Xia Jian arranged a special reception here,Everything goes very orderly。