I’ve agreed to accompany her to play in Qinglong City,Turns out this is closed again,Hiding in the courtyard like a okay person,This is definitely bullying her an outsider。

therefore,Su Luo directly ordered Satsuki, the maid who had been protecting her, to take action,Although she doesn’t know how strong her maid, Satsuki, is,But just start,This is a big deal,Su Luo would like to see,How did the young master of Qinglong City apologize to her in the end?。
at this time,After the black masked dead man who was standing outside the door heard the words of the woman in front of him,Pull out the sword directly from the waist,Next second,Five masked dead men appeared at the same time,Looked guardedly at the two enemies who were trying to break into the courtyard。
“Second Miss,This is Qinglong City,And those six masked men are dead men,If you do,I’m afraid the subordinates can’t protect the second lady’s safety。”
Xiaoyue looked at the six dead men who were similar in strength to her,Step forward and stand in front of my second lady,Whispered,The same dead,She knows that as long as she dares to take the initiative,The six dead men in front of you will definitely kill her and her second lady without hesitation。
They are not here to provoke trouble this time,therefore,Unless absolutely necessary,Xiaoyue didn’t dare to make a move,After all, her life is a small matter,The safety of my second lady is most important。
“Dead man?Dead man,Why are there so many dead men,The young master of Qinglong City is too greedy for life, right?,Why doesn’t he find a few substitutes?”
Su Luo looked at the six dead men in front of him bitterly,Angrily said,She really doesn’t know how scared of death the young master of Azure Dragon City is,So many dead men,Not even one that can communicate normally,No wonder it’s a waste that can’t practice。
Small courtyard,Luo Da’s figure flashes,Appeared next to my young master,I didn’t care about the two extra men in the courtyard,He knows what to ask,What should not be asked。
“Luo Da,These are my two friends,Tell the chef to cook a table with the best ingredients,then,Go and find the best dancer in Qinglong City。”
After Luo Chen saw his subordinates appear,Direct orders,He didn’t have the guts to see that dancing girl in the past,But it is said that the dancer dances very well,Today he can also open his eyes。
“Yes,Little Lord。”
After Luo Da heard the order from the young master,,Salute,Said respectfully,The voice falls,Leave directly,Since I’m a friend of my young master’s,That doesn’t need him to guard him,and,Luo Da didn’t think that the second lady from Vermilion City could bother her hostess to entertain friends。
Want to walk into the yard?Then walk in with the bodies of six of his men,otherwise,The second lady from Vermilion City continued to wait honestly,Waiting for my young master’s summons。
“Please wait a moment for Master Jing and Master Sun,After a while, you can let two distinguished guests taste the unique delicacy of Qinglong City。”
Luo Chen looked at the big Sedum who was always looking at the sky,And the Monkey King who looks around,Said with a smile,While speaking,Luo Chen glanced outside the courtyard inadvertently,Which two idiots are not long-eyed,Dare to bother him to entertain guests?