2017 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Language Program Special Seminar in Beijing (1)

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If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page to firmly establish the people-centered creative orientation – 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Language Program Special Seminar held Guangming.com (Reporter Li Wei) February 24, from China Literary and Art Review The 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Seminar held in Beijing, China Art News Department, China Art News, held in Beijing, aimed at implementing Total Secretary General Secretary in Top Secretary in Art Work Symposium and the 10th Document Meeting of the National People The spirit of the important speech, firmly establishing the people-centered creative orientation, analyzing the creation process, evaluating the artistic characteristics of works, enhances public opinion guidance, and promoting the health and orderly development of language programs. Director and Secretary of the Chinese Literary and Art Review Center Director and Secretary-General of the Literature and Art Reviewer Association, the Secretary-General of the Chinese Art Reviewer Association, the Secretary of the Party Group, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Artists, Vice Chairman of the Office of China, China Art Report Chang Yunjin, the director of the People’s Daily Art Department, Liang Yonglin, the vice chairman of the Chinese Art Reviewer Association, Vice Chairman of the China Quyi Association, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Art Reviewer Association, "Contemporary TV" Magazine, Zhang Dexiang, Shandong Quyi Association The original chairman Sun Lisheng, CCTV large program center planning, CCTV Spring Festival Evening language program general planning Qin Xinmin, 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Language Coordination Sun Chen, Zhao Fuyu, Taiyuan Normal University Film and Television Department Youth Teacher Wang Xiaojuan, Liaocheng University Music Academy Youth Teacher, Shandong Province Signing Art Reviews Jia Zhenxin, the National Quyi Medium Artistic Steering Committee Tongzhou Base, the national first-level actor Zhang Helin, the head of the big teasing, Dr. Li Yufei, Hangzhou Funny Art Theater, 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Picture "A Feng Its people "starring Li Xi et al. Attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the Deputy Director of the Chinese Literary and Art Review Center and the Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Literary Reviewer Association.

  Help the literary creation, leading the social style Dong Yaopeng said, convening this seminar, very meaningful and value, is a specific measures to effectively strengthen the work of literary and art, and also the beneficial exploration of the sixteen word new functions of the literary office.

In the process of earnest research, we have obtained some countermeasures and suggestions for industry construction, and strive to make work better.

"The literary comments actively play credibility, influence, and now is the best time.

Through comments, everyone has a sense of direction, existence and sense of value, thereby creating an atmosphere, release signal, boosting literary creation, leading the social style.

"" This year, the CCTV Spring Festival Evening language program has released a certain scale in irony, mainly in the "New Tiger Exit".

It reveals us again, the irony of the cross talk must be good, point to good direction.

If this irony makes people feel indifferent and dangerous, then they must not be survived, and they will not be able to recognize the audience. "Sun Chen said. Combined with the full experience of the front behind the spring and evenings, he frank," Spring Festival is really more difficult, everyone has more and more energy, can go to the show, "

"This year, the CCTV Spring Festival Evening" New Tiger Exit "" said "these two comes, I personally like it.

"New Tiger Exit" has inheritance, innovation, grounding, profound criticism and reflection on some social phenomena.

"说" is also a rare good cross talk, with the theme of the home and education, promoting positive energy.

"Zhao Fuyu said that the cross talk is a valuable cultural heritage. From the industry should care, protect and develop, for the people, always maintain a passion for life, and strive to create a good work of the times, let this art better Inherited.

  Qin Xinmin introduced that in 2017, the CCTV Spring Festival Evening preparations, leaders respect the art rules, the main crew has ideals, pursuit, and forming a joint force, putting the small products as a work, and win the audience praise. However, as a creator, he frankly, "summarizes it," Summarize the language program, there is no peak, there is no pungent show; the second is not enough, lack of wisdom in the law , Patience and determination; three, there is no rich resource that has been fully utilized, and it needs to be under the talent excavation; the fourth is a good thing, many works have been distributed in the intentions. " ,make persistent efforts.

  Zhang Dexiang said that "the audience has a new expectation, the Spring Festival Evening is getting harder, this is the current situation in the Spring Festival Evening. Who is still in the lively, only the classic stay. Every spring evening, the classic program that can stay is almost all the times Body temperature. The language program is easy to fit the times, and the key to social issues care about the people. The key is that there must be wisdom in expressing, so that the work is truly rising to the height of the art, rather than staying in the discourse stage. "Do a good job in creativity For a long time, as a viewer, we have put forward a variety of requirements for Qu Yiyi and creators. This requirement is too crushed.

I hope that I can fully respect the artistic law, respect the head of Quyi, respect the characteristics of the text, giving the creator with more space and time. Liang Yonglin said.

  "This year, CCTV Spring Festival Evening, including the overall level of language programs has improved, and has certain guides and demonstrations for grassroots creators.

"Sun Lisheng said that there are three points of feelings, especially in mind: healthy songs are not true emotions, unauthorized expression, conscience, don’t know, don’t know unconsciously.

For example, although there is not much explosive burden, it is full of true feelings and fun, with everyone to make and think. The amount of information "New Tiger Exit" information is very large, but there is no sale, but to carry a smart, suitable basket for the information volume.

The "trust" of the intercounar "Trust" has chosen the social topic of attention, with the storyline, the characters’ image vividly, not the empty hole.

  To Yunqi, "This year, the biggest characteristics of CCTV Spring Festival Evening is that language programs are indeed prominent, more intensive, high quality, high quality, high quality, high quality.

"Specifically, the theme of the work is diverse, showing distinctive local characteristics, rich social scenes, reflects colorful colorful, such as the" old companion "" Tianshan Yishan ", and the" New Tiger Exit "," old companion " Through the reversal technique, the reason is exhibited outside the reason. "New Tiger Exit" inherits the life of classic works, forming art twins and doubles, making the classic born new classic.

  Cui Kai said, "The attention of this year’s Spring Festival Evening is obvious, in which the overall performance of language programs is good. The creation of small products focuses on reality, ideological, artistic, ornamentalism, reflects the persistence and pursuit of artistic ideals." Come, the story of the comedy products in recent years is poor, the audience is constantly being constantly embarrassed, mainly because of the form, there is an entertainment lack of entertainment, and there is a highlight point. The CCTV Spring Festival Evening language program undoubtedly leads the role. This year’s "Great Town Little Love" "The True Yongzheng" "Afeng Qi" "Tianshan Love" "Hidden" "Trust" has a thousand autumn, full of energy. "Of course, with a higher standard measure, it is not perfect, but it is lacking the surprise of everyone." Cui Kai believes that this is mainly reflected in: Creation theme is not rich enough, overexpressing language bags, small product styles lack innovation . Only do creative transformations, innovation development can wear the excellent works that can be made, passing, leaving, leaving.

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