Tree empty nest rural elderly: put the live room in a tree hole, talk about daily and past

Quei Province tells a new thing that has just happened, the elderly people have died.

Falling in the body, the snow, the whole body is wet, this person is awkward, let’s take a look and walk to & hellip; & hellip; Fangmi’s housing, Li Wenhua is the only master of this courtyard.The two daughters have long been married, and Li Wenhua has a deep feelings of the small courtyard, she put a background picture of the red brick blank wall, set as a live account background picture, most of her, shePeople stay in the small courtyard from sunset to Tianming.

I can’t spend a few more money, and there is no pressure in the economy.Said-lived elderly is often a spiritual companion.

She occasionally went to the daughter’s house, the big daughter’s home has four children, and the little daughter’s family has three children. She thinks that she can’t take care of themselves.