but,Compared with the previous,There are more and happy faces.。

Seeing the father and a bodyguard before the front,I can’t help but don’t live.。
He seems to catch the last life-saving straw,Skumper screaming。
“Old beans,help me,Save me……”
Everyone naturally recognizes Jiang Feofeng,All one is one。
Especially five masters of http://www.52ipeal.cn the spider web,Almost conscious movement footsteps,At the same time, you can get up and down.。
Shortcoming thing,They are known。
Jiang Feofang has the original four cobweb master,But at this moment, I don’t see the trace.……No need to think more,Affairs will have accidents。
The middle-aged man is the last god master of the spider web.。
Although he does not put the summer in the eyes,But here see people,But I don’t dare to have a big idea.。
Can kill four super-level masters,Obviously not ordinary people。
the other side,Jiang Jun’s face,A pair of knife-like eyes staring in summer,Sound ice cold to the extreme,“Put him!”
Talk,More than a dozen 彪 大,Enclose summer in the summer。
The five people in the spider are also moving.,Form a tacit station in the most outer circumference,Thoroughly block the summer’s retreat。
“Did you hear that,let me go,if not,You will be very miserable,Hahaha……”
See this scene,Jiang Feofeng came to the spirit。
He stared at the summer,Swelling cheeks twisted deformation,I don’t know if it is painful or excited.,Twist struggle to struggle。
A thorn sound of the hate acid。
Jiang Feofeng’s smile suddenly stopped,He was taken on the face by the summer,Then it is reached on the ground。
No one is expected under the situation,Summer has no sign to lift the right leg,Weight。
The sound of bone fragmentation is crisp。
Another foot,Another leg is the same。
Two consecutive crispies,The arms are broken by life.。
Too fast too fast。
Jiang Feihong is curled with the body,A face is thoroughly shaped in extreme pain,Eyes are highlighted,It is not screaming in your throat.,But a desperate suction sound。
Five masters of spider web,Look at each other。
They take a few steps under their consciousness,Reduce the http://www.tjb-art.cn package。
Repeatedly,Face is full of unbelievable,Followed by Brightness。
He didn’t expect that the other party will start with such arrogant attitude,And when I have my face,And dozens of tiger’s bodyguards。
Jiang Jun’s cheek is like a devil,Both congestion like a fire,next moment,The whole person seems to be roaring like crazy.,“kill him!Give me a kill him!”
It’s nothing to say now.,Under one’s order,More than a dozen bodyguards all rushed to the summer。