“That gas is the door?”Chu Deirers looked confused——Why say two other two?

“Yogui‘Wanfa source’,Not only your own internal strength,There will be essential breakthroughs,and……Can take into account the ability of other four!”Moon。
So-called“Essential breakthrough”,Big arrival is《Ming Yucheng》Be able to take a blank。
As for the other four……Of course, just“Take care of”,Can not be as special as really breaking other days。
The moon, the goddess, half of the moon, is only a little bit more than the dog hybrid.,More than sweeping;
The East is in the heart of the heart to kill the red lotus,Killing is just a slightly better than Zhang Wuji;
Invitation moon can only temporarily control the ice dragon,And can’t really understand what foreign objects become qi;
The body of the two is more,The body of Ming Yu, the body of the Month, it is enough,Oriental,The vision of the mother,Probably“beautiful”……
Reason“gas”Cultivate to the ultimate,can be used as“Wanfa source”,Invitation month’s speculation is,“Mechanism”Ultimate,Essentially the resonance of its own small world and outside world,and“gas”Breaking door,It is a veins and external meridians!
“Refining”Make a order“Mosphoma”Foundation with external resonance……
Non-earth cultivation system,Like a yoga power cultivation of seven rounds,Although cultivation is not a meridians,But at all is the same nature,Both is the key to foreign links……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 846 White wolf
“Although the old man is not a righteousness、Heroes,But in Sanxiang, there is a thin name,This matter is with me……Neutral!”In the hall,Iron unparalleled。
Everyone he is a smile.——Most of the game is a famous cofferdate,Unlike the venue in Sanxiang,Whether you dare not stand up and maintain,At least the heart is believed in iron unparalleled。
At this time, I am completely believed in iron unparalleled.,Probably only the Liu Jing after the body。
That is, Liu Zhengfeng’s daughter、Liu Que’s sister,The first two years of Lushan Jiaojun、After the pressure caused by the Hengshan party is small,Don’t receive it as a close disciple,It is an explanation of the brother.。
Liu Que naturally does not listen to what evidence,Completely believe iron unparalleled,However, she is just as an inner back to the door to take care of the guanantian.,Naturally there is room for nozzle。
And I heard the iron unparalleled,They just feel awkward。
After all, I want to say that I don’t believe iron.,It seems that some is not good,After all, the iron unparalleled sound is always excellent.,Not big may for two http://www.shenggoulipin.cn business things,Turning to the martyrdom。
But to say just because of the reputation,I believe iron unparalleled,It is also a single single……
Although the previous Oriental directly serves an important clue,Put Jiang Yulang,But Jiang Yulang“I have found that Zhao Xiangli acts like,Therefore, the trustee pays attention”Cover the past。
At this time, this is again reached again.,Hercules is also the most suspicious……
After all, from the scene,No other possible。
Just here is not conducive to iron unbroken,Jiang Yulang standed out,Say a key clue!
The name of Li Dadui people,Just beginning to reveal,But it is not like this time when everyone is shouting.,Iron unparalleled“Assisted”Attribute,I can’t help but get rid of Li Dali、Go to the magic——Li Dazza at the time,Although it is green forest、Not counting in the right http://www.weixinsucai.cn way,But it is just because of curiosity taste people.,Also happened to be seen……
Since then Li Daozu,Others know that they can eat people,In the face of yourself,Will be a beam、Martial arts,This starts to make a hair。
Li Dadi does not think that people eat delicious,but……Something will be afraid of him,but“True incense”。
Iron is unparalleled, I still want to save Li Dafu.,Marry your daughter to him,I want him to do my own son-in-law,Stay around the ear,Li Dali also abandoned evil from good at this time,Also has a daughter with his wife……
But the iron unparalleled daughter and disciples,I was arrested by Li Dazi.。
Originally, Li Daizu also wanted to press this.,Let your wife can’t wait to come and come from this person.,Solve iron unparalleled reputation。
The wife is a face, ridicule,Let him be a blink of king eight,The result is the continued Li Dazzi……
Have a full meal!