Gao Caoyue to our family,Tonight,There is only one chance。As long as you sleep with him,This is a warning.,understand?You think that the Greetor is not,In the future, he did not count the emperor.?How are you so true??”

Zheng Yuande couldn’t help but learn from the sister.。
It’s only two seventeen years old.……Is it four or fifty years??No children,What happened to sleep with Gao Bo Yi??
Zheng Yuande felt that this is not a problem。
Zheng’s family is not before, no example!
That is, the Zheng Tai car in this room is.,First, marry Guangping Wang Yuanyi is a,Behind is included in the hometown,Then I have dyed with Gao Cheng.。
What happened?
How normal one is。
Don’t say Gao Rui is now dead.,Even if you don’t die,Zheng Yuande also dare to let the sister to sleep with Gao Bo Yi,Then follow Gao Rui and!Have no idea,The family must survive,This low time,Be sure to bow。
“You dress up,Don’t be frowning。Greater host hero,You will not suffer at all。I hate my husband,if it is possible,I am willing to replace you to sleep.。”
Zheng Yuande said with shamelessness。
This time is damaged by Zheng.,Her angry laughed:“Why don’t the brother??”
“Gundorcarison is not good.,What I use?。”
Zheng Yuande boards hands,Helpless look at your own sister,The two have a smile。
“What is going on this step??”Zheng’s is a weak woman,After all, I still retired one step.。
Zheng Yuande Zheng’s key head:“Big brother, I am not a child.,If you can,How can I keep my sister to pit??It’s just that Gao Rui is about,It’s not that he is dead.,After all, I have to stand up and put those all.。
The problem is,Even if I go to,Gao Bi is also not affectionate.。Your big brother, I have not yet married this year.,I have a daughter.,You can also send your daughter to,The problem is that I didn’t.。”
Talking about this,Tangled,Really doesn’t mean what it means。
“OK then,In the evening, you are responsible for the gorgestal,I will go, I will go out.,That’s,OK?”
Zheng’s whisper。
“Good,In fact, it’s just。You are in the ancestral hall,I am sending something to dress up.,New clothes also sent,Don’t go out。
I am going to have a high-end capital set.。”
Zheng Yuande is excited to pull Zheng’s hand:“younger sister,You are really my good sister,Zheng Jia’s good daughter,thank you,thank you。”
After the cold is warm,Zheng Yuande is satisfied with。There is only one of Zheng’s sadness.。
She may not have more nostalgia,Just don’t want your dignity to be trampled。
“Why is it hunt?,Ugh!”
NS1207chapter Tiger stare(2)
“Greater host,Small people respect you a cup。”
Zheng Yuande’s wine glass,As with him,I have to laugh on my face.,There is no common thing at all.“shelf”。But Gao Bo Yi knows,Rhyme,Seek。
Xiangyang Zheng’s room is willing to lick your face to please you,It is certainly what they want to get something must be taken from your hand.。
“Two is really very polite。Ben Datuate Road,Have a warm hospitality of Zheng’s family,No to report,Sorry。”
Gao Bao put the wine glass down,Smile。
Zheng Yuande and his Zheng Zu Zu two people look at,It’s not good in your heart.。This Governor,Sure enough, like a rumor,There is a set of non-standard and rewards and punishment principles.。
For example, the high fellows of the Gaoyou,I heard that there is a holiday in a few years ago.,Results After the Gao Bao Teng shouted,Fish praise,Remove it。
And with Gao Baoyi has no warlody,Even,Also reuse。The time is right and wrong,It’s really a puzzle。
However, Zheng Yuande and others know,Gao Rui,Zheng Jia is hard to make haha to get paste。Gao Boyi took the arm in Xiangyang City,But he is biased from Fuyang to Kaifeng County.,hehe,It is estimated that it is rushing to Zheng.。