You just watched Jingpu’s smile while swimming,Feels brilliant,very sunny,But now Yuhe is watching Jingpu’s smile,I feel that this big guy is more evil than a demon!!

only,A bun was stuffed in and just chewed twice,The look on You He’s face changed directly,Rotten?!
Suddenly,You He’s face changed,fruit……I’m playing with myself!!
Eat or not??
Of course eat,If you don’t eat it, you will die!
If you eat,Maybe still life,After all, for now,Does this gangster have any intention to kill at least?,If you don’t eat,I really can’t live if I am annoyed!
You Hedang even stuffed his mouth at a very fast speed,Two buns were stuffed in quickly。
Jingpu looked at such a gobbled swimming river,I feel a little sigh,How many days has this person not eaten?,Immediately,Jingpu put what he can eat in his space bag,Uneatable,I took them all out and put them in front of Youhe。
at the same time,A voice appeared behind Jingpu,Look back,I saw Lingju riding a dragon horse and falling behind Jingpu。
The Lingju at this time is still as bright and moving as before.,There is no trace of battle,Holding a white rabbit in his arms。
After seeing Lingju,Jingpu suddenly looked curious and said:
“You found the monster?!”
Youhe, who had eaten two rotten buns, really didn’t want to eat new things from Jingpu.,But after hearing Jingpu’s words,Then he hurriedly took the food on the ground and stuffed it into his mouth。
Lingju shook his head regretfully: