Xiao Fan also knows that the two of them have been working hard recently,So I also thought that after Shen Lin and Su Ran came back,Squeeze Shen Lin and Su Ran well。

Let them have a good rest,Then give them some benefits,Or you can let them travel。
Maybe something weird can happen on the way out to travel,Come back and share with you then,It can also relieve everyone’s fatigue。
Xiao Fan planned like this,And Xiao Fan felt that Yiming and Chu Yao could reach the age to discuss marriage.,Neither party has a parent,Both of them are now alone,Only each other,Is each other’s world。
Like Su Ran and Grandpa Fan,So if there is something Elder Fan can still call the shots,But Yiming and Chu Yao are not in charge。
I’m afraid only Xiao Fan,As their boss,As one of their brothers,Should also consider them。
So they don’t notice these things,But Xiao Fan could detect,Secretly wanting to arrange for them。
Although there are more things now,But this does not mean that there are too many things,We have to ask them to make things better,Don’t do what you want。
Just like Shen Lin and Su Ran were very busy at the time,But Xiao Fan arranged a grand proposal ceremony for them。
So Xiao Fan felt that he wanted a bowl of water to level it,You must let Chu Yao and Yiming have a very good memory,I will be very happy when I recall。
Because Chu Yao is a girl after all,Girls always pursue romance in their bones,And they care about such details,Xiao Fan knows Yiming also knows。
So Xiao Fan and Yiming talked about these issues before,But then Shen Lin was put on hold after an accident。
Xiao Fan thought for a while and thought it was time to bring these things up again,But after Shen Lin and Su Ran return。
Everyone discuss how to distribute the work.,Xiao Fan has to deal with it again。
After returning home,Lin Yuner told Xiao Fan:“By the way, I recently heard that your company is going to launch a public welfare project。”
Xiao Fan said:“Yes,what happened?”
Lin Yuna said:“It’s nothing,I just think this kind of project is more risky,You have to stare at the people below,Don’t let them make any mistakes,It will ruin its reputation。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Do not worry,I’m all set up,I took Gu Jin with me today,Our two companies will be able to better open up their visibility when they cooperate。
In this way, it will be easier to do this kind of project in the future,And the office beneficial project you did last time is also the first time you did it?I think it’s developing very well now。”
Lin Yoona nodded and said:“Yes,But be careful,Our company is also making progress in an orderly manner,You must make the people underneath stare。”