Reduce small and medium-sized enterprises’ electricity cost Henan first power "special transaction"

Original title: The first power "special transaction" in our province (Reporter Song Min) June 4 It has been formally completed, and the comprehensive enters the power execution phase, all participating companies began to enjoy the "special transaction" policy dividends.

  "’Special Transaction’ is the national first trading model in our province.

Tian Wei, Director of the Provincial Power Company Marketing Office, said that this is also a trial and exploration of small and medium-sized and medium-sized enterprises to participate in electricity market transactions. It is understood that "special trading" mainly targets two types of guarantees for direct transactions in our province (epidemic situation " Prevention and control focus protection, enterprise and epidemic prevention and control, key guarantee materials production enterprises), especially small and medium-sized enterprises, by national network Henan Integrated Energy Service Company in accordance with the registration, exemption of service fees, exemption-free assessment, "package The "group purchase" method of the transaction, and the bilateral negotiation transaction with coal-fired power generation enterprises, improve bargaining capacity, and reduce the cost of electricity for two types of guarantees. "Our company mainly produces dumplings, dumplings, etc., and electricity is not particularly large. Even if you participate in electricity direct transactions, there is no strong bargaining ability.

After the "special transaction", we can participate in direct transactions with other brothers enterprises, and the price reduction space for the negotiation of power generation enterprises has more incense. "Xinxiang City Pu North Food Co., Ltd. said.

  It is reported that the implementation cycle of "Special Trading" is from February to June, 2020, covering 1969 securities enterprises in our province, completed the transaction power concentration declaration on May 19, on May 22, completed the transaction, currently Enter the implementation phase of the contract. A total of 487 users have signed a transaction contract with 4 power generation enterprises, and they apply for 34 "special transactions" special electricity prices, and it is expected that the cost of electricity consumption is about 3.6 million yuan.

(Editor: Huang Sha, Yang Xiana).