In order not to block the vehicle,The construction party temporarily shoveled out a side road from the wasteland next to it。Maybe everyone thinks this will detour,So there is no car driving up at all。Xia Jian thought for a while,Hit the steering wheel,Drove his car on the side road,He doesn’t want to squeeze here。

The weird thing is,Xia Jiangang drove the car onto the attached road,Immediately behind his car followed two black jeeps,One of them surpassed his car desperately,Thus,Xia Jian’s car was caught between the two cars。
Xia Jian found,People came to trouble him,Because the car in front is obviously stop-and-go,Deliberately provoke him。
Xia Jian understands,I can’t be fooled by him,He drove the car very slowly,Deliberately pulled away from the car in front,As a result, the forcing vehicle in front stopped on the road。
And the car behind Xia Jian honked its horn desperately,To force Xiajian to go forward。Without any choice,Xia Jian simply gave the car to the side of the road,She’s not leaving either。
At this moment,The door of the car in front opened,Four tall men came down from the car。The last one who got out of the car had a bright head like the moon,But when Xia Jian saw it,,Can’t help being surprised。This guy is not someone else,It was Zhang Guangfa who fought him at the Toad Palace disco。
When Xia Jian looked back,,Five strong men came down from the car behind。The two groups quickly surrounded,The strange thing is that there is no car coming up behind him。Where does Xia Jian know,This Zhang Guangfa has sent someone to guard the intersection,Who dare to drive here。
Things have reached this point,Sitting can’t solve the problem,What’s more, Xia Jian didn’t want to be a turtle。He pushes the car door,Then take off the jacket,Striding up to Zhang Guangfa。
“Kid!It’s very cowhide to drive a big run!We have run here since we were young,Is it a bit bored to live??“Zhang Guangfa has a sullen face,Said coldly。
Flanking,The skills of these ten people should not be that simple。Xia Jian ignored Zhang Guangfa,But calmly thinking about how he got out of his hands。
Zhang Guangfa saw Xia Jianli ignore him,So his anger came out,He gritted his teeth and said:“Last time I was ruined by this slut Jones,You are not so lucky this time“
“What do you want to do?There is no grievance between us“Xia Jian just said the first sentence,But what he said is really true。
Zhang Guangfa touched Guangguang’s head and said:“There is indeed no grievance between us,But last time you were in Toad Palace。It’s not that you have good skills,You can be a hero,Feel free to save beautiful women to understand“
“You may be mistaken,Which two women are my friends。Do you think i can’t do it?If it was you,Can you leave it alone?“Xia Jian raised his voice and asked。
Zhang Guangfa,Haha laughed:“Since you are so nosy,Then you have to pay the price。Last time you broke my business,Not only did you leave me without money,More importantly, it broke my reputation,So this time you have to repay twice。
Zhang Guangfa finished,Extend your right hand and wave,The two groups fought back and forth,Pounced aggressively。Xia Jian dare not neglect,He stood in a favorable position,Ready to challenge。
“I want to ask a question before I start,Did you ask Sun Yao to come over?”Xia Jian asked the doubts in his heart。Because his whereabouts may only be known to Sun Yao,But how did GF know this??It seems there should be no second person besides Sun Yao。