Bai Ruyu rarely salutes,Also a box,Xia Jian followed Bai Ruyu,Brought it here for help,The two lie down separately。

“This feeling is too familiar,As if it happened yesterday”Bai Ruyu put his hands behind his head,He looked at the trees flying by the window and said。
Xia Jian thought for a while,How could it be yesterday,To be honest,He has a fuzzy memory,But he didn’t say,Just vague“Ok”With a,Women are really sentimental animals,He can’t compare。
“Hey!I haven’t asked you yet,It’s almost new year,What are you doing in Bucheon??”Bai Ruyu turned over,Facing Xia Jian and asked。
Xia Jianben wanted to say that he was going back to work,But then think about it,Forget it,Just said casually:“I also have something to do”
Bai Ruyu glanced at him,No more questions,But asked when the topic changed:“What is your relationship with Rong Sisi?,If it’s not easy to answer,I didn’t ask this question”
What is this nonsense,I asked,How can I say no question,Xia Jian smiled and said:“Nothing to do,She is my sales supervisor,Work hard during this time,I invited her to dinner last night,Girl?,Just drink some wine,Nothing more。
“Oh!You are a village cadre,Pay attention to social image“Bai Ruyu finished this sentence,Suddenly became more talkative,They talked until dinner time。
In the dining car,Xia Jian is cruel,I ordered two dishes for Bai Ruyu,This is Bai Ruyu for pleasure,While eating,Thank you,This makes Xia Jian very happy。
The train arrived in Bucheon at around two o’clock in the middle of the night,When leaving the station,Bai Ruyu suddenly asked Xia Jian:“Why did i forget to ask you,where are you going?Or go to my house,Give you a sofa to sleep“Bai Ruyu said playfully。
“your home?Is your home in the city?“Xia Jian asked while walking。
Bai Ruyu nodded,She suddenly stopped talking,Two people have left the station。Bucheon city at night,The same cold,Exit of the train station,Only a few solicitors,Yelling loudly。
“President Xia!“Here,Zhang Sangui ran over with a smile,Took over the gift box from Xia Jian。
Bai Ruyu pointed to Zhang Sangui curiously and asked:“What did you call him just now?“
“President Xia!I think you two came out together,You don’t know!He is the boss of our entrepreneurial group“Zhang Sangui’s mouth,There is no door,When Xia Jian winks him,It’s too late。
Bai Ruyu sneered and said:“It turned out to be a big Buddha,I don’t know Taishan“Finished,Angrily dragging the gift box forward。
Two soliciting young men,Surrounded immediately,Don’t let Bai Ruyu speak,So he snatched the gift box in her hand,Xia Jian sees it,A few steps over,speak loudly:“Let go!“
“how?Want to grab customers with me,Don’t you want to hang around here”One of the men said fiercely。
Zhang Sangui stepped forward,Pushed away the young man,Lowered his voice and said:“Keep your fucking eyes wide open,Where our car is parked,What to grab with you”Zhang Sangui said,A black BMW parked on the edge of the road with a finger。