Dozens of famous Chinese medicine practitioners, decades of clinical experience, teach you how to learn Chinese medicine (1)

Dozens of famous Chinese medicine practitioners, decades of clinical experience, teach you how to learn Chinese medicine (1)

Traditional Chinese medicine is the jewel that the ancestors left for us for several months. After experiencing different development periods, it has experienced vicissitudes of life, and it has come to the present. Many people have said that “Chinese medicine is profound and profound, and it is too difficult to learn Chinese medicine.” We can learn the learning experience of Chinese medicine masters.Standing on the front of the giant is higher.

Guan Youbo: Master of Chinese Medicine, Chief Teacher, Professor.

He once served as executive director of the National Association of Chinese Medicine, honorary president of the Beijing Chinese Medicine Association, director of the Chinese Medical Association Internal Medicine Branch, and member of the Academic Committee of the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“Father’s medical skills are superb, not opening “inside”, “difficult”, closed “golden legacy”, “typhoid fever”, instead of the combination of medical and pathological, strict requirements in basic skills.

Just like “Thunder Gong Fu Fu”, “Tangtou Song”, “Wuhu Pulse Theory”, etc., all require familiar back, for “Nei Jing”, “Difficulties”, “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, “Golden Dragonfly”, then practicalIn order to prepare for the intensive study, it is necessary to understand the truth, know what it is, and integrate it.

More clearly is Ye Tianshi’s “warm theory” and Wu Yutong’s “warm disease”.

In addition, he also acknowledged Zhu Zhenheng’s “Danxi Heart Law”, Li Dongsong’s “Spleen and Stomach Theory”, Wang Qingren’s “Medical Correction”, Tang Zongchuan’s “Blood Syndrome” and so on.

My father often said: “The medical practitioners also understand the medical principles in order to cure the disease.

Therefore, when learning classic medical books, you will never ask for rote memorization. In clinical application, you will never ask for a hard copy. Instead, you should remember on the basis of understanding and deepen your memory in practice.

Zhou Yizhai: Professor of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, director of Chinese medicine.

Mainly engaged in internal medicine, and gynecology, the majority of the diseases diagnosed are mainly serious illnesses, and have been repeatedly affected by epidemics, and there are countless living people.

In his later years, he also accumulated rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic and difficult diseases.

“In addition to studying and studying medical books, reviewing “Spiritual Correction”, “Zhang’s Classics”, “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”, “Golden Dragonfly”, “Pharmaceutical Fu”, “Tangtou Song”, see “Medical”Settings”, “Medical Enlightenment”, “Three Medical Cases”, “Clinical Guide”, “Medical Cases”, etc.

Because of the profound essays of medical books, every time there is a difficult problem, it is still difficult to solve the problem when it is difficult to solve the problem. It is not shameful to ask the person who is good at Chinese medicine and not for the medical profession, and seek guidance from him. He listens carefully and repeatedly grinds, in the hope of getting it.

Every time the heat is hot, the mosquitoes and thunders are in danger, and they are in danger of sitting in the pockets, or they are ringing in the room, even when they are screaming, they can’t read.

Therefore, I am prepared to be accused by the uncle, and I am afraid that I will be responsible for the work that happened the next day.

Such a calendar is easy to heat and cold, every time during the day when the doctors are on the scene of the critically ill patients, tacitly succumbing, calming effect, can be seen with a synergy and sick starters sneak ecstasy, if you are.

This is a learning benefit.

There are minor illnesses in the fight against relatives and friends. “To treat it, in case of critical illness, when you are in a multi-disciplinary consultation, you will also automatically listen to your opinions, and you will be able to observe your own results, and you will be able to evaluate your gains and losses.

Put a good tradition of TCM focusing on theory and practice into practice.

At the age of 22, he was hired by the “Jisheng Club” to practice medical treatment.

After that, the statutory Chinese medicine practitioner qualification was obtained following the enactment of the Chinese Medicines Ordinance.

At that time, it was appropriate for the reactionary government to refuse to include Chinese medicine in the medical education regulations and to eliminate the adversity of traditional Chinese medicine.

At that time, Chen Gongjun, the ancestor of the township, was appointed as the president of the Ruyi County Chinese Medicine Association. He pointed out that the Chinese medicine practitioners in all districts of the county should be organized. The so-called “hundred feet of insects, death and not admire” (sincere vision, and today, this is still the serviceWord).

In response to the organization, such as the Matang Branch of the Yi County Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, he was elected as the chairman.