obviously,How do you need to handle this next thing?。

In fact, their hearts,It is even more。
Tang Nian,Take this scene before you。
Other things,In fact, Tang Lian itself,There is nothing to do,。
But now,Tang Ming is putting a hand,Very indifference。
“Is it just this level??”
“but,Since you have to continue,So,I will continue to play with you.!”
When Tang Jing is in front of you,This,Tang Nian’s eyes,It’s even a murder.。
http://www.qingshihuangfei.cn obviously,Now now,Tang Jian itself,Already fully intended to be out。
And from now on,This matter itself,It is inevitable thing to go.。
Do not say anything else,Light is now,In fact, in Tang,,at this point,He knows,How should I be dealt with when I go?。
Even so,But in front of Tang,Xiao Lang burned in anger。
“Give me a kill him,Even if you don’t have any cost,Also, you must do it.!”
In Xiao Lang, it looks,till this moment,Only one thing can be solved。
That is from now on,Tang Lian in front of you must die。
Only kill him,So Xiao Jia’s side,I will see hope。
otherwise,According to this trend, continue to develop。
So next,Maybe there is no need at all。
As long as they continue to keep this state,Then there is only one result to the head.。
That is here,It is doubtful。
so now,This looks chance.,At the same time, it is inevitable to go.。
So here,Anything else,These things,anyway,It is also a complete need to handle it as soon as possible.。
And in front of you,Tang Ming seems to have seen the purpose of Xiao Ran。
“Do you think,Can you kill me now??”
“Tell you,It is useless at all!”
When Tang Jing is talking to his eyes,This is to let the standing in front of Xiao Langran,The whole http://www.njsybg.cn person is getting more。
This,What exactly does that mean?
Why is it sound?,Always give people feel,It seems that it is very decorated。
but,Tang Nian is quite clear,These things are placed,The consequences,What will it be?。
So around,Those people of the shadow saw this scene,It is also a kind of jumping.。
After all, start now,These things have been completely posted.。