of course,If the world can come forward,It is naturally impossible for Lan Yixing to protect this clone of Li Ming。

but,That Qifang Duo Chao Essence Liquid,But only half of the party is on this point。And the other seven parties,But on another clone。
original,Li Ming is in this clone of Lan Yixing,Divide into two again, one of them is in Ming,Swaggering through the official forces of Lan Yixing to the teleportation formation。But the other clone carried Qifang Chaos Spirit Liquid and left in a low-key manner.。
of course,These clones are still slightly weaker,But if it is low-key,The second-class Jindanzuxian is still relatively safe。
the other side,Dozens of chaotic worlds away from Lan Yixing,On a dead star close to the power of Hefengzong。
The clone of Li Ming’s second soul has a huge array,This big array almost covers the entire star。
Anyway,There are eighteen ancestral gods and a large number of strange treasures on the body of a first-class golden core ancestor,Li Ming doesn’t care about waste,At the same time arrange several arrays on yourself。
“Such a huge array,Although not enough to fight the world,But it’s not difficult to kill the ancestral god who claims to be the fifth prince internally。”
“Unless there is the Cangxue Kingdom Lord, he would rather die and this son will deal with me,Otherwise, we can negotiate one or two。。。”
Li Ming’s clone expression is very happy。
The three ancestors of Cangxue Kingdom,An ancestor is a powerful ancestor god。
Especially the five princes,Although he is not too strong,But the status is extremely high,His father bestowed treasures,Unless it is particularly important,I won’t let him take the vow of life。
Li Ming forced a little bit,Let him take the vow of life again,Reveal all the methods that can be spread out。
The gain is indeed great,It even includes a body-protecting magical method that can be practiced from the stage of the gods and ancestors.《Body of Snow God》,And a powerful body that tempers both hands《Refining God’s Hand》!
This is naturally a big gain for Li Ming。
After all, he knew,I know the other clones and deities。
now,He just waited quietly,Waiting, I don’t know when the world will come。
of course,If there is no world in three thousand years,He will leave directly。
I believe that the world will not panic idly and play with him patiently。