Under the guise of birthday,Even if Chen Xiu waited to see the second aunt, he had to smile。

Only a glass of wine,Second aunt started playing the emotional card,Tell me some interesting things about Chen Xiu’s childhood,For example, when I was a child, when I was holding Chen Xiu,More to say,The size depends on Chen Xiu Jiling,It must be promising。
Chen Xiu’s tone when listening to the second aunt is completely different from the second aunt in the impression,I can’t help but wonder if my second aunt was replaced by an alien。
“Minor repair,Tell me honestly,Are you really rich in the city?!”
It turns out that everything is in ambush here!
Chen Xiu sneered,Spit out a bone and said:“Aunt,It’s so easy to get rich!Grass grows on our old Chen’s grave,The fortune teller said,Grass on the grave,Poor!”
“The car outside?”
“……Yes,Contributing cars are now popular in the city,A few hundred yuan can be rented for a day!”
“Didn’t you say it was yours the day before yesterday?”
“……I’m just talking nonsense when I’m anxious。Aunt,Don’t take it seriously!”
Just kidding?
If i take it seriously,Today I can politely bring a bunch of gifts!
I bother!
The second aunt’s face turned green and pale and finally turned red,Faintly has reached the brink of explosion。