Fighters fighting for the Red Dust: Health practice = commandment and boring?


Fighters fighting for the Red Dust: Health practice = commandment and boring?

Author: Yu-hwan source school founder – as a teacher many Huan Qiong source of students have experienced in camp after two days’ Body Scrub reduction “work process, and re-awarded new light and comfortable feel, on the third day away from the camp,The question that often comes out is: “The teacher said: “Health, that is, practice”, but the rules of exercise and health mentioned in the course are difficult to implement once you return to the busy workplace, although you have taken classes, adjusted your body, and updated.The concept of life, but there is no way to change the external environment, what should I do?
I used to be a red dust fighter who was busy in the advertising industry and swallowed stomach medicine as a candy film. I deeply understood that when playing a group battle, I must constantly devote myself to forgetting to invest in it.I can’t go home after a night of sleep, I can’t go back to my body for a few days, I can’t get back to the sweets when I’m knotted, I won the contract in the cup and staggered to lose the liver. These helpless people are willing to sit and watch, but this is the current high competition.I am deeply impressed by the current operation of the shopping mall. I personally think that it should not be, and it will not be the most blame for these red dust soldiers.
You can choose, who wants to “sweet yourself” to squander healthy assets?
In the face of the helplessness of the students before leaving the camp, I always smiled and asked them: “What do you think is “cultivation”?
The basic meaning of “cultivation” that I most often say is: “Modify your own behavioral patterns.” In ancient times, a medical philosopher with clear insights left the so-called “10-indebted” theory.:1.
Indulge in temperament and not treasure yourself.
It’s hard to be in prison.
Resentment is especially good, and Guangsheng is troubled.
Today is expected to last for a hundred years.
The room is noisy and the eyes and ears are full of thorns.
Listen to the wizarding prayers and kill them.
Bedtime is uncomfortable and there is no diet.
讳 忌 忌 忌 忌 忌 忌 忌 忌 忌 忌 忌 忌 忌
Take more soup and wash away the stomach, and the energy is gradually consumed.
It’s hard to die, and the six relatives are often unwilling to give up.
In other words, this wise predecessor is wary of the practitioner. If the patient has the above personality traits or phenomena, it is a “incurable disease” in which the gods are also difficult to rejuvenate.
We carefully scrutinized the above-mentioned top ten phenomena, saying that it is still not to take off “smelly temper and death.”
I believe that I will write such a medical philosopher who sighs wisdom. I am sure that in the process of practicing medicine, I often face many management responsibilities that do not take responsibility for my own life. I only want to spend money on relying on doctors to buy soup prescriptions, or to ask for masters.
The painful doctors see the patient’s condition. Because the person’s waywardness is difficult to heal, he writes such a high-profile and straightforward “health, that is, practice” is not the same reason: “All living beings suffer, the disease ranks first.
The fools suffer hardships, such as silkworms, and wise men suffer from suffering, such as birds.
Ill, pain, hardship?
What is wrong with it. When it comes to the occurrence and face of the disease, in fact, most people go to seek medical advice because of “symptoms”. It is also because of the “symptoms” that we are willing to stop and care for ourselves.
Is the “symptom” the enemy that should go faster?
Is it a timely rain of drought?
It is necessary to look at whether the party understands the meaning of this great gift of life. Have you seen the cause and effect of the “symptoms” and promptly know how to turn back and decide that you are: “The fool is suffering?”Or is it that “the wise man suffers from suffering?”

I keep reminding scholars that because of their arrogance and ignorance, the “symptoms” appear after the series of dominoes are pushed down. Please think of “health, that is, practice”.

In addition to the basic concept of “correcting one’s own behavioral model”, the further explanation of the practice is that “there is a “repair” that has been changed, and that the good is what the line means.”

The human body naturally has a set of operating mechanisms based on the principle of yin and yang. In other words, people can choose to play night and night when they can rest, watch Korean dramas, and chat online.
That is “self-defeating, not living.”

However, in the face of the necessary work and chaos, if you can grasp the precious opportunity, use the various human laws, and take the time to repair the depletion, Tiandao will definitely accept and assist the children who are reluctant to repent – the so-called: “Tianzhu self-helper”, righteousnessSincerity is the most touching heaven and earth power.

The first meaning of Huanyuan is – “Keep in mind the purpose of life on earth, not everything that is sacrificed for the sake of blessing for fame and fortune, but through the various manifestations to prove the true, good, and beautiful nature of oneself.”

“The power of truth, goodness and beauty is the driving force behind the lively and high-spirited cells.”

Work, perhaps in the team of others, then please the red dust soldiers remember to drink 1500-2000cc of water a day, eat two fresh fruits, eat less acidic food, take the time to give yourself 20 minutes of quiet time to white time.
Is it always impossible for others to block the resistance?


The difference between the Huanyuan concept system and the general health curriculum is to consider reality and feasibility.

I personally learned the concept of the vitality diet system for a long time, and personally experienced and experienced the beauty.

However, as far as “food ingredients are obtained” and “reality is convenient”, the gospel of a healthy diet is almost inevitable for today’s friends in the Mainland.

Therefore, I do not advocate the mistake of eating meat; however, I will remind you of the benefits of eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

The most important thing is that when there is a gathering in the classroom, the scholars will use three days to restore the body to the system and re-recognize themselves. Once again, they recall the original intention and emotion of the original life.What is the meaning of the world, and re-understanding the script of your life?

This is the value of “Huayuan Systematics” for today’s highly developed society.

If you are motivated, your heart is positive, and you know what you are doing. Even if you have to work on your own, you will have to work hard, as long as your body is repaired, and you will lose your health. Sometimes it is easier to return than the rigor of the diet.sequence.

I sincerely wish and present to all the red-dust fighters the hope of health management in the first line – keep in mind that “the body is light, the heart is quiet”, when the diet is involuntarily, the happy heart is the powerful protective cover of the cell!