Blood and anti-aging agent

Blood and anti-aging agent


[Two pastes]Source: “The Golden Essentials” composition: 500 grams of raw land, 500 grams of rehmannia.

  Efficacy: blood and nourishing blood.

  Indications: Insufficient blood, fatigue, thinness, dizziness, tinnitus, weak waist and knees.

  Usage: Cut the medicine into the casserole, add 2000g of water, a small amount of ginger, simmer until 1000g to slag, concentrate the paste and add appropriate amount of rice wine and mix well, 1 time each morning and evening, warm boiled water 12g.
  Fangyi: This side is the agent for nourishing blood and nourishing blood, Fangzhongshengdi bitter cold, cooling blood and fluid, nourishing yin and nourishing yin and clearing heat; ripening sweet and slightly warming blood and nourishing kidney yin; Fangzhong adding ginger and yellow wine, so that the raw land can get alcohol without hinderingStomach, cooked in the ground without ginger.

The second drug tastes a small amount, the force special effect macro, can fill the five internal organs, lack of internal blood, blood, blood, eye, black hair.

  Modern research: Erdi cream has a significant increase in myocardial vascular blood flow; by increasing the body’s aging-related enzyme activity, the peroxide oxide content is reduced to achieve anti-aging purposes.

Long-term use of two kinds of ointment, can blood, nourishing, black hair, gradually middle-aged and elderly people due to liver and kidney deficiency caused by weak waist, hair whitening, dizziness, tinnitus, fatigue and other symptoms improved.

[Siwutang]Source: “Taiping Huimin and Agent Bureau” Composition: Angelica lO grams, Chuanxiong 8 grams, 12 grams of white peony, cooked ground (wine steamed) 12 grams.

  Efficacy: blood and blood.

  Indications: blood deficiency syndrome, manifested as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, leakage, anemia, malnutrition, autonomic disorders, menopausal syndrome.

  Usage: Shuijianbi.

  Fang Yi: This is the main agent for blood and blood.

Fangzhong Angelica Sinfen Wenrun can penetrate the people’s coke camp gas and make the yin air flow, do not make Yangshuo harm and have blood, blood circulation; ripening sweet and slightly warm blood and nourishing yin; Chuanxiong Xinsantong blood circulationWith the blood in the blood, the blood is born; the white sputum yin and nourish the blood.

The compatibility of the four medicines, the supplement in the middle, the blood without stagnation, blood without breaking the blood.

  Modern research: This side is the main prescription for blood and blood.

Angelica, Chuanxiong, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Rehmannia four medicines combined with decoction, synergistic effect, can increase the role of coronary blood flow and myocardial vascular blood flow to prevent myocardial and other diseases, and can improve meningeal microcirculation disorders and antithrombotic production.

This side improves the blood circulation of the body, improves the hypoxic tolerance, and inhibits the formation of blood clots, so-called blood and blood.

The gradual progress in the blood conveys all kinds of nutrients required for the activity to all organs, tissues and cells of the body, so that the physiological functions of the body remain normal, delaying the process of aging of the body, and conversely, if the blood is not harmonious, all diseases are born, andThe pathological product of qi and blood loss is blood stasis, which is the basis of the disease.

Therefore, taking the right amount of Siwutang can achieve the purpose of anti-aging by the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing phlegm.


[Green onion soup]Source: “Sanji total record” composition: 20 grams of Ejiao, onions amount.

  Efficacy: nourishing blood and intestines.

  Indications: blood deficiency constipation, lack of yin, muscle weakness, weakness, limb pain, must be early white.

  Usage: The onion is finely chopped, and the gelatin is chopped and sautéed, so that the gelatin can be rubbed in, every morning and evening.

  Fangyi: This side is the agent for nourishing blood and nourishing blood. Fangzhong Ejiao Ganping is both a liver and nourishing blood, and the kidney is nourished by the kidney. It is a blood-reinforcing and moistening dryness, and the lungs are removed from the heat; the onion is warm,Take the Tongmai to return to the yang to dispel the evil of yin and cold, help the Ejiao to nourish the blood and nourish the yin and moisten the dry.

Complementing and not stagnation, the compatibility of the two drugs, a total of playing the role of nourishing blood and intestines.

  Modern research: This side is a nourishing agent for nourishing blood.

Ejiao nourishing yin and moistening, phlegm and clearing the lungs, containing a variety of amino acids, blood to replace iron, aqueous solution has a promoting effect on non-toxic immune function of cells.

The second medicine is fried, supplemented without stagnation, and the blood deficiency of the middle-aged and old people is sallow, dizziness, palpitations, muscle weakness, no weakness, labor and hemoptysis have a cure, moderate dose, can nourish the liver, black hair and delay the aging roadGong.

[Give spleen soup]Source: “Jishengfang” composition: Atractylodes 30 grams, 30 grams of scorpion, 30 grams of Astragalus, 30 grams of longan meat, 30 grams of Suanzaoren, 15 grams of ginseng, 15 grams of woody, 8 grams of licoriceAngelica 3 grams, honey Yuanzhi 3 grams.

  Efficacy: Qi and blood, spleen and heart.

  Indications: Both heart and spleen deficiency syndrome, manifested as heart palpitations, forgetfulness and insomnia, night sweats and heat, eating less body tired, pale complexion, pale tongue, thin white, thin pulse.

  Usage: Add 6 grams of ginger, 3-5 pieces of red dates.

  Fangyi: Fangzhong Huangqi, the main medicine of ginseng, Buzhongyiqi, warming the spleen and stomach; Atractylodes sinensis, licorice licorice warming spleen and qi, helping the main medicine to source the blood and blood, the angelica Ganxin warming the liver and giving birth to the heart;God, jujube, longan meat take its Ganping to raise the heart and soothe the nerves; Yuanzhi traffic heart and kidney and determine the heart; the woody qi and qi spleen, to prevent the Qi and blood medicine to nourish and stagnate the gas, hinder the function of the spleen and stomach, ginger,Jujube reconciles the camp and replenishes the vital energy.  Modern research: This side is for the treatment of heart and spleen deficiency, Fangzhong Huangqi, ginseng can make up the vital energy, warm spleen and stomach, can improve the body’s immunity, and has the power to resist the old and the decline.

Woody, Atractylodes, licorice, spleen and spleen, can adjust the rehabilitation function and effectively prevent reproductive diseases.

Angelica can reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, improve blood circulation, and have the effect of blood and blood.

茯神,远志,枣仁,龙眼肉, pharmacological experiments prove that they have sputum, sedative, hypnosis and blood pressure, antibacterial and so on.

All kinds of medicines are fried, and Qi and blood are supplemented.

Taking appropriate amount not only has the function of improving the body’s immunity, promoting digestion and absorption, strengthening metabolism, nourishing and strengthening, regulating brain excitability, promoting metabolic peristalsis and stopping diarrhea, etc., but also calming the nerves and resisting old age.


[Angelica beef]Source: “Practical anti-aging medicated diet” composition: 500 grams of beef, 15 grams of angelica, fresh soup amount.

  Efficacy: blood and blood circulation, warm and cold.

  Indications: blood deficiency anemia, fatigue and fatigue, less chills, waist and knees.

  Usage: stewed.

  Fangyi: Fangzhong Angelica main medicine, spicy and moist, fragrant into the spleen, run to supplement blood, it can penetrate the people in the coke camp gas and have the merits of the camp; beef Ganping people spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach,Benefit from qi and blood, strong bones and muscles, compatibility with two substances, blood and blood circulation, warm and cold.

  Modern research: Angelica has a protective effect on experimental myocardial blood vessels, preventing the occurrence of arrhythmia, can relieve vasoconstriction complications, dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow, can significantly increase blood flow velocity, depolymerize blood cells, improve blood flow,The so-called “blood and blood.”

Beef plasma quality protein, high energy, low lactose, low cholesterol.

The two match, on the basis of supplementing the body’s nutrition, through blood and blood, so that the body’s blood and blood, full of energy, appropriate amount of long-term service, blood fitness, longevity.

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