Analyze the 5 major causes of obesity and prevent the body from being out of shape

Analyze the 5 major causes of obesity and prevent the body from being out of shape

Introduction: At least one-third of people who are obese may have deep feelings and complain.

Because obesity is easy to bring many diseases, and even “deprived” women’s right to love beauty.

Because obesity, they can’t wear too thin clothes, don’t dare to eat too much, and can’t do what they want.

For men, it may also suffer.

Because of obesity, they can’t walk a few steps and pant, they must put the belt under the general’s belly.

What is the cause of obesity leading to obesity?

  According to a survey conducted by China International Weight Loss Conference, the mortality rate of men who are overweight 20% of men is significantly higher than that of normal weight before the age of 65, and there is a significant change in obesity.

The results of animal experiments also showed that the lifespan of mice with a body weight exceeding the normal weight was also significantly reduced.

  The dangers of high blood pressure are inexhaustible, so too many studies are caused by some reasons.

  Obesity is generally divided into two categories, one is obesity caused by disease, known as symptomatic obesity.

It is obesity caused by endocrine disruption caused by disease, and such obese patients account for about 5% of the total obesity.

  Another type of obesity is called simple obesity.

It is because the energy absorbed in the diet greatly exceeds the energy consumed by itself, and the excess traces and other nutrients accumulate in the body to form a small amount of cells, resulting in an extra, excessive number of occupied people.More than 90% of the total.

  In general, the causes of obesity are as follows: 1. Obesity caused by genetic factors.

  Generally, parents with obesity, some families have too many history, and their children are very likely to be obese.

Such obese people, it is difficult to take other artificial measures such as exercise, dieting and other methods to eliminate obesity, only moderate weight loss through weight loss.

  2, obesity caused by unreasonable diet structure.

  The amount of feces, cereals and other impurities arranged in the partial eclipse or diet structure is too large, causing excessive energy, leading to the deposition of feces in the human body and excessive increase of trace cells.

  3, too little exercise is also one of the causes of obesity.

  Modern people are accustomed to a comfortable and comfortable living environment, going out to take a car, lacking the awareness and behavior of exercise and exercise.

In particular, many people often sit in front of the TV and watch TV after dinner. They sit for a few hours and rarely walk around. It is easy to gain weight in the long run.

  4, seven love internal injuries are also an important cause of obesity.

  The seven internal injuries cause the liver, spleen, kidney and other dysfunctions in the human body, and can not convert the excess light into energy consumption, but deposit it in the body to cause obesity.

  5, mental factors, but also a cause of obesity.

  People often say that “the heart is wide and fat.”

“There is no ideological burden, it is delicious, and it is especially good for digestion and absorption.”

Or “borrowing and drinking” to eat and drink to alleviate your unpleasant emotions, which can increase energy and lead to obesity.

  Tip: Health and longevity = emotional stability + regular exercise + reasonable diet Xiaobian message: too much does not affect the appearance, it will also affect health, understand the causes of obesity, we must be alert to let yourself hide in the trap trap.