On the third night,Zhu Minglang finally invited Mr. Koi。

Mr. Koi has no interest in casting,It swims leisurely,I was thinking about how to maximize the improvement。
Since the reshaping of the spiritual realm,After being able to brew aura,The most profitable is the big black teeth。
Shenmu Qingshenglong because of the broken dragon,It can’t be advanced,Can only rely on acquired efforts to make changes。
Sword Spirit Dragon and Bingchen White Dragon are both kings,Even http://www.cyber-dj.com.cn with a hundredfold growth rate,They are also slow to improve。
After all, their current cultivation base is close to those ten thousand years holy spirit。
A month of nourishment,Is indeed equivalent to ten years of cultivation,But ten years is compared with Wannian’s foundation,It’s still drizzle after all。
Big Black Teeth is different。
What it lacks is the year,This month’s nourishment,It is equivalent to ten years of repair,It’s only a dragon, but its cultivation level has been significantly improved,Already vaguely about to break through to the main level!
Since I have money,Zhu Minglang has never been stingy with Big Black Teeth,Meat,Are the best millennium meat,The spiritual resources used for strengthening have not been cut off,Just digest,Continue immediately。
Mr. Koi saw this,Already planning for the next evolution of http://www.csjlife.cn Tyrannosaurus Thunder。
“Mr. Koi,I am ready to open the stove。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Open the way,Is it possible to have this fish master perform a fish leap for you, when the sea blossoms in the sky?”Mr. Koi said angrily。
It is a dignified koi。
Not the tools used by these stupid humans to get good luck!
The most annoying to use yourself as a mascot,Zhu Minglang is no exception!
The stove is on,Zhu Minglang took out the Feiyu dragon armor he completed,It’s strange,Look at those strange books,Once a treasure is out,Basically it will shine with light that is difficult to look at directly,More rippling with colorful auspicious clouds like a holy flower……
Why this dragon armor,Not so cool?
Did I fail to inject the inscription pattern myself?,Then this armor is worthless。