Su Xiaoxiao’s face is more shameful。

but,She still sticks to the head,“I’m not going,summer,Go with them.。”
Summary in summer is hesitant。
Not what he really wants to go to what auction。
But he can see it.,If you leave it,Su Xiao’s classmates will definitely be。
“summer,Go ahead。”
Su Xiaoxue also thought of this,Tone very well,“must go!”
Summer nice head,Look at Luo Wen and Zhao Youqing in the crowd,“Brothers,Zhao brother,I will have trouble, you will send a small home.。”
“Rest assured, summer,Package in us,Never have any accidents。”
Luo Wen and Zhao Youcai patted the chest guarantee,Zhang Xiaoxia and Li Ying also rushed and,The sound has been very respectful.。
Enamed in the door of the 宸,Summer once again brought them to shock,Pakiness is not allowed to take the line in the summer。
Summer road ahead,Tyme-minded scorpion sweeps around。
Gaze,Just fall in the eyes of everyone,Is the gas field in radiation,I can’t say that I can’t say it.。
He deliberately stayed in Lu Haifeng and Xiao Yu.,The two faces have changed again,Extruded a smile on your face……Just laughing is more ugly。
“Let it go。”
Finish,Take a step forward,Wang Feihe Lin Xiaofan followed one left and right。
After they walk,Surrounding is still very quiet。
Many people look at Su Xiaoxue,Glorious,Fully envious and embarrassment,More people have repented。
“Small,Let it go,We entered。”Zhang Xiaoxia went over and took Su Xiaoxiao’s hand,Face with a passionate smile。
“Walk away,Returning hall。”Li Ying also rushed and。
Two people with head,Since surrounded, it is also fast.。
Unlike,This protagonist,Su Xiaoxiao。As for Lu Haifeng and Xiao Yu……Some people have kicked away from them.。
NS142chapter In advance encounter
Starry night,Is one of the highest-end consumption areas of Hibao。
Here is beautiful,Pattern,Surrounding lush,A building seems to be inlaid in green。
The location of this auction,Just in the Bay Hall of the Starry。
According to Wang Fei,The initiator is a son of a super family in Jiangnan,Daxie invites young people with power in Qinghai to participate。
Chatter,In fact, that top son,I want to build a person in Qinghai with this auction.。
certainly,Fangjia World,Status super,But people who are invited will participate。
For many people,This is also a good opportunity to close the relationship.。
Even those who have not been invited,Will also take a relationship around,Want to enter such a top-level occasion。
For all this,Summer has not worried。
Who he doesn’t want to please?,Never I want to sin?,No desire,Light。