Jing Yu was shocked,How did she know that a slave would attack herself,And I kindly gave her food。

Although Luo Shaoyan has some caution,But he has no time to summon his dragon beast。
Zhu Minglang was watching with cold eyes just now,The moment the slave woman started,I wish Minglang raise your hand,Several white blade feathers flew by at a very fast speed,To cut off the slave woman’s arm!
Slaves too late to stop,Both hands were directly chopped off by these white feather blades。
Blood gushing,The slave woman was shocked,Panicking and hiding behind the thatched cottage。
She just ran a few steps,More white blade feathers fly out,Like rivets piercing into this slave woman’s back fiercely,Beat her like a rotten persimmon!
Slave woman lying on the ground,Twitching,She tilted her head,Those eyes stared at Zhu Minglang a bit viciously,I don’t seem to let him go。
“What a cruel slave,We kindly help her,She wanted to hurt us。”Luo Shaoyan said。
“She is not a slave,The slaves who live here are inside。”Zhu Minglang pointed to the thatched cottage。
Luo Shaoyan is a little puzzled,He stepped forward,Opened the grass curtain of the simple thatched house,But I was immediately frightened by the messy and disgusting picture inside and took a few steps back。
There are a few dead bodies in the thatched house。
Judging from the dressing, he should be the serf here。
One of the female serfs was undressed,Covered with a broken mat,The look of horror and pain before death was still fixed on that cyan face。
“This damn girl villain,She killed the serfs here,And then pretend to be them!”Luo Shaoyan said angrily。
“Although death row prisoners are basically trapped beasts in cages,But they are equally aggressive,You should be careful when dealing with these people.。”Zhu Minglang said to Luo Shaoyan and Jing Yu。
Luo Shaoyan and Jing Yu should also be regarded as fledglings,I don’t even know the sinister world。
Demon is cruel and dangerous,Evil and cunning,And some people are even more terrifying than these monsters。