It is actually awkward in the hospital with the ability of Zhou Jiwu.,If the health center being assigned to the mountains is simply a bit buried.。

But society is sometimes so ruthless,A hammer can kill a person!
After all, many large units can choose someone in talents.,That why, why should you put a low threshold to want those talents who are late??
Sometimes,The employment of society is such a cold and ruthless system.,What is buried?,Under these rules and regulations that have no warmth,It seems negligible。
Zhou Ye drinks drinking,I can’t help but start my ridieving path:“I am a college student.,Perhaps the hospital is my best destination。”
Distance postgraduate2year,He is full of confused future。
Will the postgraduate college after two years will recruit the equivalent scholasticity??There is also something about the requirements of the four or six levels.?
Everything is like an unknown future,Zhou Ye I can’t see the future。
He is actually20Born a boy,Where is it so persured?!Sometimes I face the patient’s unreasonable trouble,He will feel some rushing。
“Waiting for you to develop disease,Dean will stay in our hospital。”Shu Lu encouraged。
Wonderful doctors,Even if Chen Riyuan will strongly demand。
Weekrance is also toddleral,Her face is already very red,Drunken eyes are some blurred。
But I saw it,She is soft:“Xiao Wu,trust yourself,As long as you have confidence in yourself,No matter what difficulties will overcome the past,Even if you really encounter difficulties that can’t beat,You just need to look back……We are all still。”
Just look back,We are all still……
Zhou Niwu’s eyes suddenly became a bit red.。
This week, there is too lyrical words.,Let him feel some。
Zhou Ye smiled,Remarkable。
In fact, he knows that this Wuhan anti-vision is really a chance.!
But even if the dean is a reputation.,Still in order to lead the above leadership,Oversessing Zhou Ye in the hospital’s respiratory department。
But he is only an assistant physician.!
Medical assistance and physician,But it is already the other。
The difference between the practitioner and the assistant physician is even more。
Single is a prescription, let Zhanjiwu and other doctors have a difference in the difference in the anemia.。
Just imagine,Doctor working in hospital,No self,Take a doctor for the work number of other doctors all day long。
A doctor is unable to sit in the clinic?
This kind of drop,How to make a young doctor get。
Zhou Ye smiled bitterly,Bitter。
The postgraduate must be his true journey.。
The anti-hypoger may have a chance to work in hospital work.!
But I can’t give him a chance to become a real doctor.!
The difference between the doctor’s class can only pass the qualifications、Practice certificate and title to make up!
NS125chapter I am all invincible.
(Replace Monday night)
Just like Your Yewu was caught up,I have a podium that is in innocently.。
After the applause, it is a listening to the silence.。
Everyone looks to this young doctor,Many people are embarrassedtIt’s too young.,Actually, it is already a doctor doctor.?
Zhou Ye is standing on the stage to feel the eyesight,Suddenly, some are not suitable for it.。