After dropping out of school, he revealed on the Tsinghua, she didn’t ask the house to pay!Netizen: She is like a bunch of light

  After the failure of the test, the family difficulties dropped out of school and returned to the campus. After the study, he was trying to enter the Tsinghua University undergraduate, he went to the southwest mountain.She thanked those who helped themselves and hoped that they would help others change their destiny. Since she got a university, she didn’t have a home to pay for money. Jiang Xiaoxue’s home in Lessi City, Shandong Province, her mother is a deaf man, no workDad is more older, in addition to the land, occasionally helping people moving bricks, there is no stable income.One thing that made Jiang Xiaoxue were gratified: since she got a university, she would no longer have money to pay.

  The school’s bonus scholarship, solved Jiang Xiaoxue’s tuition fees and basic life expenses.

In addition, she has obtained the national inspiration, excellent social practice, excellent volunteer, excellent volunteer, and excellent social work. The school-provided work-in-school jobs also make her harvest more. Jiang Xiaoxue (right 2) and the teacher’s classmates are together, she also works on the side from the beginning. Calling in the cold wind in Beijing to do a tutor, help publish a community to each other, but I have a certain amount of calculation every day, but I can save a part of the money to my parents to subsidize home.

  The Life of Tsinghua Park is busy and colorful, and the school provides various possibilities for students. "Hongyan Plan" developed against family difficult students, let her have the opportunity to come out of the national gates to participate in the public welfare project.

At the beginning, Jiang Xiaoxue also went to Europe to exchange for half a year with the funding of the college.

  She said that life is not a grade, competition but accepts themselves, bringing some values ??to Tsinghua for others, she quickly realized her "Gegene."

  On the new dream show, she didn’t know what "speech"; in the team training camp, the group of students played by the students came to the game; she did not heard it; she won’t use the computer, I don’t know how PPT should do … in "mentality And the eyes of the eye, "Jiang Xiaoxue felt that he couldn’t keep up with everyone’s rhythm.

  Jiang Xiaoxue chooses "active adaptation".

The first attempt is a selection team leader, "although it is asked"; the second attempt is chatting with everyone in military training, and I found that "everyone is not so cold, in life is very flat."

  Jiang Xiaoxue, which took the distance, was quickly "hit" again. The paper, reading notes are new things to her, she can only go online to search, learn to write others. The classmates can write a job in one or two days, she needs to write a long time.

The professional class exams, their own grades have just finished, but others have taken a full score. So, Jiang Xiaoxue, who did not take the night, start "brushing the night". Jiang Xiaoxue, "paying a lot of effort", the end of the year. It’s uncomfortable, frustrating, she cried. On the big semester, she began to slowly accept himself, "feeling to find an excuse", but it has also accepted efforts and may not be able to catch up with others.

  Because she has received much goodness and help, she also wants to do some meaningful things. Eleventh holidays do campus volunteering, when you are busy, take care of stray cats, stray dogs, free blood donation, speaking English for migrant workers … Through a variety of practices, Jiang Xiaoxue has a new understanding of the world, she is no longer entangled, "I suddenly figured out, the meaning of life should not be a grade, competition, but accept yourself, find something you are good at, you have to be happy, happy, every day, you will make things you want to do, Bring some values ??for others. "

  Jiang Xiaoxue participated in the short-term tutorial practice Jiang Xiaoxue asked the third semester when he was engaged in practice. He heard that Tsinghua University graduate education group was recruited. She did not hesitate to report. "After the college, I saw the vastness of the world, I really felt the change of Tsinghua’s brings to me.

I am very grateful to the teacher’s teaching, thank you for the funding, so I also want to give back to society, I want to participate in the tutorial group, help more like me, add more possibilities for their future, too I hope that I am worthy of the help of my society.

Jiang Xiaoxue successfully passed the selection, came to the Nanxun Dai Autonomous County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, and wished to be a high school history teacher.

  Jiang Xiaoxue’s graduation photo does not bear the warm people give us a gift during the support, she thought of high school, because the results were collapsed, and I didn’t know the direction of effort.

Here, she is very like, "because of poverty, I don’t know what the symbol of Qing Yun; because of poverty, Qing Yunzhi is far from the sky; because of poverty, I don’t believe that I have the power of fate, too Lost the poor and beneficial fighting spirit. "She hopes that she can bring them hope. In the class, she not only teaches the knowledge of the students, but also helped them develop good habits and tell them to have ambition.

  Jiang Xiaoxue’s schedule teacher day, Jiang Xiaoxue received a small note from the students to come to Nanxun for a few months, Jiang Xiaoxue wrote his voice in a circle of friends: Most of the suffering, I am absolutely lucky Fortunately, after dropping out of school, I will come back to the classroom to come to Tsinghua, have a full range of help given by the school, and life has also become different, although there is still no ability to give back the society but also try to help more people hope me. The baby can really believe that you have the power to change life, fly out of this endless mountain, the future can also be a good one in the world, and the warm people will give us a gift and good, no When Jiang Xiaoxue, Jiang Xiaoxue, who had been taught in education, talked from Nanxun a year, will return to Tsinghua University to continue to study a master’s degree.

  Is there a plan to engage in the education industry in the future? She said, I hope to give my life more likely. "Tsinghua brings me the most valuable experience and none of life, many participating in social practice, providing a chance to know China and go to the world for classmates who are in good condition.

I have learned a variety of ways in practice. The meaning of life can be colorful. I also see a lot of changes in our country, the country’s development and power, let me love her more.

I want to live in the best age, live in my life! "Netizen is Jiang Xiaoxue, and she like a bunch of light, she is an example, come on!