Datong City Public Security Organs Multi-Measures Ensure that education rectification is long-term

Huang River News Network News (Reporter Mu Shuai) The second batch of education and rectification of the national political and legal team, in order to continue to promote education and rectification, constantly consolidate and improve education rectification results, Datong City Public Security Bureau will build chapter Adhere to the combination of "current treatment" and "long standing", adhere to the first batch and the second batch of education rectification organic courses, stick to the border to build, and rectify the "face" system construction, Ensure that education rectification is long-lasting.

At present, there are a total of 98 impact institutional mechanisms and achieve good results. Gathering in "high" and enhances the pertinence of the establishment.

Datong Municipal Government Party Group, Secretary of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Shui Huo Sex, universality issues, strengthen card analysis, investigation and research, and solidly promote the construction of the system.

Both the bureaus allocate a member of a team member to be responsible, and promote the establishment of this unit.

The Datong City Public Security Bureau teaches the investigation through interview, in-depth visit, questionnaire, field investigation, etc.

During the period, more than 1,300 survey questions were issued, and more than 1,80 cases were issued.

Datong Municipal Public Security Bureau Education and Corruption Office "four one" work initiatives for each one-on-one, every day study, one summary, and supervised every Monday ", and implement the overall work task coordinated. The 10 Supervision Team of Datong City Public Security Bureau made the establishment of the preparation system as the focus of supervision, field supervision, full-time follow-up, regular basis, and urge rectification, and promoting the establishment of the establishment of the establishment of the work. Gather in "quasi", improve the accuracy of the establishment of the establishment. The city’s public security organs adhere to the combination of the problem rectification and the establishment of the establishment, and the standards for each system are constructed, and the implementation of the chapter of the chapter is committed to the implementation of the establishment of the chapter. The combination of treatment and long-term treatment, paying attention to combining the check correction and refining, continuously promoting the border of the border, and uses the system thinking and institutional ways to make the short board, plugging the hole, fixation, and efforts to make short The board is more solid, and the foundation is more secure.

Among the 98 system mechanisms of the formulated, there is only the construction of the general mechanism of the law enforcement, there is also the construction of law enforcement supervision mechanisms. There are both cadre quality capacity improvement mechanisms, and there is also the construction of the public security organs, including the construction of the public security organs, covering Founded by the public security work. These rules and regulations, closely around the political and legal team education rectification, the masses reflect the strong problems and the city’s public security center work in advance, tight "repair, makeup, creating, and borrow" four main points, keeping the respective job responsibilities, pass Education and rectification issues and weaknesses in work, revised the original rules and regulations, check the missing, and closely focus on education and rectification, learn from advanced experience practices, and promote the establishment of innovative mechanisms. Gathering in "real" and enhances the systemicity of the establishment of the system.

The party committee of the Datong City Public Security Bureau shall organize all units to fully combine the existing institutional mechanism of this police sector in accordance with the "abolished, revised and lack of blank" work. According to the system applicable range level and content, it is necessary to discover, modify, established institutional policies, need innovation and improvement system, and form a list of "standing, change, waste" system.

In the work, the Datong Municipal Public Security Bureau party committee strict procedures, the rules and regulations developed, and they were developed in strict accordance with the regulatory documentation. The establishment of each link has recorded, with vouchers, archive, ensuring that the system is established, and it is used. In order to ensure the quality, the system is issued from "whether it is necessary, whether it meets the actual needs, whether it is legal compliance, whether there is operative and targeted", etc., discovered The problem is timely adjustment, preventing the wrong idea of ??dealing, walking, prevents the complementarity, relevance, effectiveness of the unparalleled system of simple photo, blindly re-building, and ensures the real system, easy to use, and tube. [Edit: Zhao Hongyu] Share:.