Double a row,Hell king’s method cracking wound more,Looking at the hell world shake,He sighs,Waving the merits to the sky into the sky,Translator,Jin Guangpu,A momental suppression of a world。
Golden wheel throw,He no longer cares,Wrapped in Tianhe Xinghai,Handheld double knife to kill Liao Wenjie。
Step-by-step,Regret in my heart,I know this result early,At that time, I should put down arrogance.,Ball directly into the battle。
Though,Hell king is still confused,Opponent’s identity,French origin,How to see unlike land gods。
Who is it??
Black and white two-color tour fish,朦 朦,Mixed,Let the prison king only feel into muddy,Perception is weakened。
Next second,A bunch of white light,Directly hit the door。
He plugs the golden knife,Speaker,Heart alert,Horizontal arm sword toward the danger。
Blood color,Responsive gold blade spread,A counter energy fluctuating earthquake,Show the white legs and hands on the red sword。
Hell king is not alleged,Double knife,Braised blood sword。
at this time,White French remaining four hands,Continuous applause bombardment land prison king chest,The hands of the bloody sword body,Buckle the wrist。
Holy white face close,Blood red double bloom,Eyebrow,Holyville。
Heart magic,White light direct。
Hell Wang Xin Shen Shi,The left eye is worn by the white hole,Under the fierce,Earn a arm,Head head to the head of the white hair。
White way transition,Ignore three arms in half of the half,The remaining threatened,Holding the knife of the prison knife,After a change,Buckle prisoner’s wrist,Pierce the bend into his chest and abdomen。
Hell king,French is difficult to maintain,Down sitting。
A war,Drama。
White method bent waist and picks up three pieces of arm,Get the wound,With the black and white two-color spillage,Take the broken arm back。
Three eyes closed,White method is in front of hell,Six arm,Red light flow,Stir-fry,Resounding。
“Poverty,Human and hell,I don’t know how the hell king is?”
Hell King first,And laughing behind:“You win my means more black than you.,Say these now,I really don’t plan to remove me.?”
I certainly want to,Can so big merits,What happened to the ghost!
White law shakes the head,road:“Poverty,Demon,Demon magic demokes need more evil,Under evil, is the right path,Therefore, the means is extremely。”
“so what,What do you want to say??”
Hell Wang frowned,Liao Wenjie said,One word is not believed。
“This war is here,If you want to invade the world,I want to pass the way to the poor.!”
White French six arm,Overlap,Red man,Pressure hell to the depths of hell。
Into all this,White law goes away。
At the moment, he still doesn’t understand the use of merits.,Prudent,Waiting for two copies,Upgrade,Cat the number of roads,Continue to repair the hell king。
Chapter 482 Still too poor
Hell,Liao Wenjie scattered,Dip the white chain of the front block,Step stepping……
Collected back。
“Fortun, I am cautious.,Otherwise don’t say sniper,The cooking class saw。”
He raised his hand on his face,Changed to Yosaki,Red line,Variable simple clothes,Go out of the door of hell。
Go out,He saw that the exorcist is lowered by the head.,Side, standing, a sunny face,Laughing, honey, hunger。