Creating a big era of high quality development in the media

  As the only democratic parties in the main world of publication, the times give the people to the public into the medium and high quality and high-quality development, and realize the lofty mission of prosperity and prosperity. A few days ago, the 2021 Kaiding Publishing Media Forum, sponsored by the People’s Central Committee, held in Beijing, Shanghai two venues in Beijing and Shanghai. The Forum is the theme of the "New Development Phase I published the opportunity and responsibility of the media industry" as the theme, focusing on the era mission in the media industry, the responsibility of the employees, the bottleneck confusion of the industry development, the high-quality development set for the new era publication Power. "Looking forward to the previous", it is necessary to combat the new character facing the media industry in the current publication of the media, "Before the" Before ", it is necessary to be pre-distinguished" is a common consensus.

  Some media have divided China’s publishing in the 21st century into three times: the era of bestseller, the theme publication era and "Internet +" new publication era.

Li Yan, a director of China Publishing Media Co., Ltd., and General Manager Li Yan appeared. If the best-selling era is the mass production of books under the big market capacity, then the theme publishing era is washed through the era, satisfying the subject of readers.

"And ‘Internet +’ New Publishing Era, relying on new Internet technology, constantly breaking through the border of traditional publishing, and continues to influence the transformation of the publication business process.

More personalized, precise, customized production and marketing will become mainstream. "Zhejiang Photography Press, Zhejiang Posted President’s president solemnly willing to refer to the mobile Internet era after 2010." In this era, the mobile phone broke the border of the media, and broke the scene of reading, the author of the publishing industry It is not only a traditional writer, and there is more big V, podcast, net red, Daren, and this time to overcome the ‘ten points’, bringing a fundamental change to the publication of the media.

"He will compare the publishing industry at this time than to Wanjin, and it is considered that there are many forms. The content can be made multiple creativity, and the input can have multiple outputs." Publish + Mobile Read "" Publish + Knowledge payment "publishing + Children’s Training "" Publish + Anime + Game "… By publishing as gene," + "can have an infinite state." Culture and business interaction, build a new brand of business, this is the new era to publish media industry Huge opportunities. "Solemnly said.

  "Under the new era, under the entrepreneurial state of the new era, the publishing industry should adhere to the difficulties, insist on do difficulties and correct things; to the new and sorrow, put continuous innovation as their core development motivation; to the Yang, launch more Enlighten the idea, Wen Run the soul, and the masses welcome the boutique work. "Wang Chen, vice president of public affairs of the reading group.

  The content is the self-confidence of the king, the self-confidence of culture, and the core connotation of human intellectual results, and the core connotation of the publication is to undertake the effective communication of the huge intellectual results of human beings in the form of copyright. Cultural income. "From this sense, all mature publications with conscience must transform the effective inheritance and creative transformation of intellectual results, record and disseminate advanced ideas and ideas, and perform the unique mission of the publisher.

Li Yan said.

  He proposed that the modern elaboration of the future, the development of the core value system, the development path of the Chinese civilization, the development path and the strong vitality, and the comprehensive construction of a well-off society, constructing a human fate community, etc., should become the era of institutions in the publication.

  Solemnly believes that the core competitiveness of the publication of the media is the competition of culture, the contest of the thinking, emotional ability, and behavioral ability, is the competition of values. "Why can KFC be a century-old shop? The essence is not in the dining, but his parent-child culture.

Establish a brand in the new reading era, establish a value of values, and the publishing industry is also available.

"Hua Nan is the founder and chairman of the Reader Culture Co., Ltd.

As a header of a company, he knows the importance of economic benefits to a company, but as a manufacturer of books this spiritual product, he complies with social benefits priorities. This principle also has a very clear guidance on the selection of the selection topic, that is, only the book that can make the reader to achieve personal growth in some way.

  "As a publisher of this era, we have enough confidence to make the best work in the world, excavate the whole world to do well. As long as the content is king, it will be able to make a very good publication.

"Hua Nan said." Indeed, deep cultivation of fertile soil can make a good release source.

Through the cultivation of works and writers to guide these two key links, continue to cultivate quality content, in order to better shoulder the mission of promoting mainstream value, spreading Chinese culture. Wang Chen said.

  In terms of online literature, Chinese story network literature is outside the mainstream publishing mechanism, but in recent years, high-speed "barbarism" has been achieved, and a unique production mechanism is formed. In this forum, a number of experts focused on the high quality development of network literature. Publishing and Communications Commission, Jintian Technology, Great League of Communication, Chairman Hou Xiaoqiang, has been engaged in online literature for more than ten years.

He told everyone, the current Chinese online literature, the work output to overseas has more than 10,000, and the entity book authorizes more than 4,000, and the online translation work exceeds 3,000, China Nets in some overseas reading platforms have been More than 100 million. "Chinese online literature is just beginning in the rise of the world." Hou Xiaoqiang said.

  Wang Chen also shared a group of data: As of the end of 2020, China’s network literature users were 100 million, and network literature has more than 25.9 million, and many netwrites passed the full-way operation of IP, directly or indirectly affected anime, film and television. , Game, derivatives, etc. The market is about 253 billion yuan, and the ocean is over the sea, which has become a new business card in China.

  "Network literature reflects the characteristics of Internet Times Media, is the most net sense, which can lead to a literary form of world aesthetic and emotional common.

"Vice President of Beijing Wen Fedo, Professor, Peking University Chinese Department, deputy director of the literary works, said in Hou Xiaoqiang, it can tell the story of world influence as a carrier in Hou Xiaoqiang." First, we must pay attention to translation Role. The writer wrote better, and the translation is not good. It is necessary to pay attention to the cultivation of Western experiences and oriental backgrounds, let them listen to the Chinese story in the narrative method of listening to the world.

Second, strengthen the mainstream guidance of online literature, so that it is no longer ‘barbarism. "Wang Chen said that online publication is an emerging publishing form of young Internet formerly giving birth, and has a distinctive people who have a distinctive people, also have highlighted reality and remarkable nationality, combining China’s development context, The spirit of the Chinese nation is deposited, showing distinct China’s position and aesthetic style.

  "Currently, the network publishing has entered the key stage of development, improving the industrial ecology, accelerating overseas layout will be a key to improvement and efficiency.

To continue to promote the high-quality development of the online publishing of high quality development with a broader mind, higher ambitions, more active gestures, so that China’s good story is constant, and life is endless.

Wang Chen said.