Save electricity! You are responsible! Hefei releases important initiatives!

Save electricity! You are responsible! Hefei recently issued an initiative to the city, advocating everyone’s energy saving and consumption, saving electricity. All the agency, enterprises and institutions, the general public: Since this year, the city’s economy has continued to stabilize, the energy consumption demand is strong, the electricity growth is rapid, the energy supply situation is tight, superimposed, and the air supply has a short-term gap. To advocate moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle, guarantee the safety of electricity supply throughout the city, and initiate joint action, work together, and work together to do energy conservation and consumption, and work in an orderly manner. First, party and government organs at all levels, enterprises and institutions take the lead in the lead, with electricity. The air conditioning heating temperature setting is not higher than 20 ° C, keep the doors and windows during operation, close the air conditioner in advance. Take advantage of natural light illumination, close the public area is not necessary, minimize lighting amount and time, and prevent white lights, Changming lights, unmanned lights.

The office equipment is open, and people are shut down to avoid long standby. The low-rise stops the elevator and arranges the elevator segmentation reasonably. Second, industrial enterprises enhance energy control, support with ordered power.

Continuously revolutionary production process, use new technologies, new products, and energy-saving equipment that meet national energy efficiency standards. Increase renewable energy utilization, and conditionally implement photovoltaic transformation.

In the case of the imbalance of electricity supply, take care of the overall situation, obey the dispatch, through the wrong peak, peak production, peak maintenance, wheel repair, etc., etc. Corporate social responsibility. Third, service enterprises improve energy-saving awareness, take the initiative to save electricity. Active promotion of financial institutions, scientific research institutions, wholesale and retail, accommodation, catering, entertainment venues, commercial office buildings, etc. High than 20 ° C, reasonable control of lighting, appropriate shuttlecock, electronic advertising screen, etc. decorative landscape lighting and brightization project. 4. The general public work together to practice moderately saving, green low-carbon lifestyle. Home lighting is trying to use natural light, encourage air conditioning settings to keep warm temperatures, avoid frequent starting and powerful power appliances, turn off unnecessary power equipment when going out, give priority to green travel, electric vehicles, electric vehicles, battery trucks to charge with night load . Energy saving and consumption, everyone is responsible, saving electricity, starting from me! Let us act, jointly become the advocate of Hefei green development, practitioners, demonstration! 2021 Post Title: Hefei released Important initiative! .