“You go outside to help me go to Fengning City to buy deodorite,At the same time, listen to the news,Such a big event,There will definitely have a message flow,Don’t deliberately……”Speech,Summer will give Forty Dianyuan Coins to Yafu,In addition to detailed。

Yafu Look Special Listening,Nod。
http://www.400jl.cn ……One time passed,Strong idomyns have not been explored again。
In summer,If it is not to leave,Then you can get two conclusions。
First,The other party caught the breath of his residual。
second,Even,In this large-scale connection,Also consumes strangeness。
“Go back。”
Yafeng looks back,Then it was sent to the cloud world by the summer.。
Treat her,Summer is above the boundary,Impressive。
Previously considered,How to quickly ripe and harvest。
But now I can’t take much.。
To do the worst plan。
After a few interest,Sit straight,Thousands of thoughts in the mind began repeated deduction。
finally,Mouth pain,Helpless。
Tongtian strong,All counsel http://www.yihaoled.cn is used in use。
“I hope these can help me.。”
He is self-respected,Take out five jade。
Every jade sky,All engraved with a stars imprint。
The first summer cracks a,Feeling to get Taiji nine steps。
Ability to practice,Enhanced。
Also let his strength you have a thousand miles。
now,The in vitro is reached240Meter。
In fact,After that, he also esually founded the rest of the jade.。
But I don’t understand at all.。
Now I can only force myself again.,I hope to have awareness,I hope I can help myself.。
He grab a light green jade,I’m immersed in it。
The reason for choosing this jade,It is the summer feeling in summer.,I am most likely to enhance the mysterious。
Medienity,It seems to be within the depth of the universe.。
Profound、vast、Vast、Dark breath is filled。
The http://www.iyanbang.cn unclear big star is a gem to inlaid within the stars.。
See also the star。
Summer is very clear,Jade Jane‘Look’Arrived,It is the owner of the stars,That is, Qi Chuan practice。
Passive numbness endless big star,Let him lose within it。
Array!This is one of the reasons why the summer chooses this jade order in the summer.。
He is in the first time,Have already identified,This is the formation of the sky,It is a very comparative、Xuan’ao’s super big array。
but,He can only understand several changes in the bottom level。