“terrible!So perverted?Unimaginable,If it falls on people,What would it be like。”
“This is the real sword!So many years passed,Still cutting iron like mud。The ancients’ sword-making process,Really makes modern people feel ashamed。”
“Is it a famous sword?!I don’t know what swords existed in ancient times,is black。I read,It is estimated that tungsten is added,So black,And very hard。”
The audience in the live broadcast room couldn’t help but remember what Hu brother said before,Ancient,The sword is more than just a weapon,But a culture。
Our country has had very superb sword-making technology since ancient times,And sword culture has a very long heritage in our country。This embodies the ingenuity of the ancients and the feelings of knights,With the birth of the famous sword,There are many very heroic stories。
Like this sword in front of me,Sharpness,I am afraid it is the current science and technology,It’s hard to make such a sharp sword.?
Populus did not speak,Handle position,Wrapped in an unknown animal skin,So it’s comfortable to hold the sword。
He tore off the hide,After so many years,The hides have also changed,Not hard to tear。
No skins,Everyone can see two characters carved on the hilt,but,The text seems very old,Many people can’t see what the word is。
but,You can see from Hu Ge’s joyful face,It must be a very famous sword in history。
Inside the existing ancient swords in China,Probably the most famous is that Goujian sword?National first-class cultural relics,Without any damage for thousands of years,And it’s the same as the sword in front of me,Still sharp。
“Hu Ge,What is this word?”Ye Ping asked curiously。
Populus explained:“This is Vietnamese in the Warring States Period,Yue Kingdom。”
He told everyone,In the Yin Shang Oracle and the Western Zhou Dynasty、After the Spring and Autumn Bronze,The development of Chinese characters reached the Warring States Period beginning in the fifth century BC,Has made a big change。
This is mainly because the princes are in their own way,Not belong to each other,Centralization of power in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty is almost lost,Even text,Also write their own,Therefore, there are many differences in the structure and writing style of the characters of different countries.。