Chongqing introduced "opinions" to continue to implement consumption help

  On September 2, the Municipal Government Office issued the "Implementation of the Implementation of Consumption and Helping" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), requiring all levels of government departments and units to continue to implement consumption help and promote Getting povertystal products and service consumption, in order to consolidate the expansion of the poverty achievements, we will provide important support for rural revitalization.

  "Opinions" pointed out that the "14th Five-Year Plan" period continued to implement consumption help, and promote the improvement of the poverty poverty population, promoting the improvement of the characteristics of the special industry, stimulating the dynamic power of the revitalization, and promoting the formation of a strong domestic market. To continue to put the consumption to the central unit designated help, Lu Yong collaborate, the municipal partner help group help, "one district two group" district and counties to develop, the Three Gorges reservoir area supports important content, and maintains the original 18 Deep poverty township consumption has only increased, organizes special agricultural and sideline products into the organs, enter the school, enter the hospital, enter the financial institution, enter the military camp, etc., effectively consolidate the outcome of the poverty.

  In addition, encourage social forces to purchase help, requiring the consumption of "10,000 enterprises Hing Wan Village" consumption, building "Wan Qixing Wan Village" consumption help base, further exerting social organizations such as industry associations, chambers, charity, etc. Guide social forces to continuously expand product and service consumption in the gap.

  "Opinions" also improving the distribution of agricultural products distribution sales system, strengthening agricultural and sideline products, and enhances the technical and market-proof of agricultural and sideline products market, the quality of service industry, the services such as Wenxao leisure, and the consumption and support key product identification and platform construction. Specify specific requirements. In order to ensure the promotion of the work, "Opinions" pointed out that the consumption joint meeting system is established, surrounding the supply chain, circulation chain, production chain construction, creating a number of consumption to help demonstration district counties, creating a batch of regional public brands, creating a batch Consumer Support Origin Demonstration Zone, cultivate a number of consumption to help demonstrate enterprises and social organizations, develop a number of consumption demonstration specialist counters and high-quality help products, and integrate relevant policy funds to support, and require regional counties to formulate consumption Help support policy. (Reporter Yuyuanyuan) (Editor: Huang Ling, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.