Chang’an District, Xi’an: Qinling North Budai

People’s Network Xi’an October 28 (Wu Chao, Party Child) On October 27th, the rice welcomed the rice harvest season located in Wangyu Street, Chang’an District, Xi’an, Qinling.

From the air overlooking, a golden sight.Since the recovery of rice planting in Liu Xiu Village, the farming landscape of water towns has been reproduced, which not only improves the regional environment, but also brings ecological benefits and economic benefits.The village is more than 400 acres of rice, through the model of farmers + company, the company has landed, entering the enterprise, and the funds will drive the local mass income.

At present, 101 households have achieved income through industry poverty alleviation, and paying about 1.5 million yuan to local people every year.

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