Daqing Gulong Luo Pedestrioven Rock National Demonstration Zone Construction Promotion Association and Demonstration Zone unveiled and the ancient pages Oil Level 1 Well Release ceremony

Zhang Qingwei said that Zhang Qingwei pointed out that in recent years, the high-level promotion and related ministries in the national level have been vigorously improved, China’s oil and Daqing Oilfield will vigorously improve oil and gas exploration and development, and achieve strategic major breakthroughs in shale oil exploration, innovation formation geological theory disruptive understanding , Initially form a drilling, fracturing key core technical system, Daqing Gulong Luo Phase Iril Country Demonstration Zone is batch and launched, which is an important milestone in the history of China’s oil and gas exploration in Songliao Basin. "In the construction of a hundred years of oilfield, it is of great significance to maintain national energy security, which will have a significant and far-reaching impact on global landed rock and oil exploration and development. Zhang Qingwei stressed that standing in the new historical starting point, we must deepen the implementation of the 60th anniversary and important instructions for the 60th anniversary of the Congratic Oilfield, shouldering the Banner, the major responsibility of building a centennial oil field, and put up the maintenance of the country Political responsibility of energy security, comprehensively accelerate the construction of Daqing Gulong Luo Pedestrian Country-level Demonstration Zone, establishing "political management research" science and technology research model, speeding up the pace of shale oil industrialization, continues "Daqing spirit, iron people spirit "Red blood, innovation in the Daqing Oilfield Shale Oil Exploration and Development, in order to safeguard national energy security, comprehensively built socialist modern power, make new and greater contributions.