Prepare the network youth "health code" – "Qingchi" "Qingchi" "Qingchi" "The Natural Health Special (II) is held in Beijing

  The Internet industry is highly competitive, and the industry youth work is high, high strength, overtime, but also "home is often the meal", resulting in physical sub-health problems.

To meet their concerns of their health, improve health management literacy, and master practical first aid skills.

On July 6th, the "Qingchi" "Qingchi" "Qingchi", "The Physical and Mind Health Special (II) is held in Beijing. The event invited the director of the emergency department of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Guo Wei, is the topic of "Internet practitioners’ first-aid common sense training", and the researcher of Nutrition and Health, China Disease Prevention and Control Center, He Li, Beijing Emergency Center, Deputy Chief Physician Liu Yang, Chunyu Doctor CMO Guests, partners, etc., for the "Internet Practitioner Disease Prevention and Health Management" theme, through vivid stories and real cases, to explain the importance and necessity of first aid knowledge. At the event, a sense of audience has a lot of tricks: "In the case of a critical situation, I know how to first aid. For many of our many citizens, they are urgently needed.

Win time is to keep your life.

"In recent years, there have been sudden death in the Internet employees, and this special situation is encountered, how to properly rescue is critical.

"Many friends know that they must first call 120 when they encounter their bursts, but they don’t know how to master the skills in the call." Guo Wei continued, "First aid is a process of contending to win the second, so you have to conclude in the shortest time. Speaking of the most important information. First, the exact time, place, and iconic buildings should be explained. Second, the cause of the accident should be explained. Third, the contact should be left, and the phone should be opened.

"When talking about the right practice before the ambulance arrived, he pointed out that the patient should first keep the patient to breathe smooth, avoid unnecessary movement. At the same time, to clean up the ambulance lane, the first aid person passed the area and other regions, for the first aid Save more time.

  "So, how do you act as a doctor’s role before the doctor does not arrive?" A viewer was confused. "It is very important to do a heart to the patient!" Liu Yang made a heart and lung recovery presentation at the scene: "Put the patient’s body, the head is facing, the fingers are overlap, the finger cross, 100-120 times per minute The frequency is vertically pressed.

If you master a bad rhythm frequency, we can download a timed software on your phone, or according to the rhythm of the national anthem … "Humorous words, excellent demo, so that the audience will break applause and laugh at time from time to time.

  Mastering the first aid skills is important, but the health of the body depends more on good living habits.

How to better prevent chronic diseases, keep the blood vessels are unblocked, do not prevent problems? In terms of diet, He Li gives recommendations: "We should eat ‘ten fist’ every day.

‘The first fist’ refers to the fish poultry, and it needs to take up to 150g per day. "

‘Second, three fists’ refers to staple food, including rice noodles, miscellaneous grains, potatoes, etc. In addition, it is necessary to intract the ‘two fists’ weights and the ‘weight of the five fists’ weights.

For the busy office workers, she said, usually eat more than bananas, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, saving fruit and saving fruits and vegetables. Also pay attention to exercise and keep an optimistic mentality. Take a good mouth, take a step, and the body naturally gets healthy.

  "What drugs do you need in the family first aid box?" "How to prevent heatstroke in summer" … Interactive links, on-site audience and netizens have actively questioned the common problems encountered in the first aid knowledge and life. One by one by one, for different situations, different problems that may encounter in the environment have made specific profiles, and many practical skills and recommendations are put forward. "When I heard Guo Wei said that the employees of some national small hotels know that the use of AED (automatic exemption), I deeply realized that our society still has huge gaps in emergency assistance.

In fact, learning first aid can not only help others, but also save yourself.

I hope that more people can fully realize the need for emergency, and look forward to what the guests mentioned, our taxi driver, webmark driver, police, etc. can learn some heart and lung recovery skills. This training is very meaningful! "A viewer means that it is deeply long.

  The "Web Youth Growth Plan" is a series of theme activities specializing in the youth of the Internet corporate team, hosted by the National Net Trust Office Network Social Work Office, Xinhuanet. The National Net Trunal Office Network Social Work Bureau, Xinhuanet’s responsible comrades attend events, the central key news website and some Beijing Territory Internet Enterprise employees represent about more than 100 people participate in training and exchange, through Xinhuanet "two micro-one", and "network" The world youth "WeChat public account, one diverse platform to watch" live broadcast of more than 620,000 live broadcasts.