Step length Pharmaceutical investment in the neuro-inport young doctors research funding plan

In order to encourage my country’s nervous system disease research field to carry out innovative applications, promote the further improvement of scientific research levels in the field of neurological disease research, and have two exclusive patented neurological drugs to invest more than 10 million support nervous systems in the next five years. The scientific research and education project of the disease, enhance the depth and breadth of research projects in the industry, cultivate the research and thinking and ability of young and middle-aged physicians, and promote the development of neurological health. On October 8, 2020, under the chair of Professor Zhao’s Professor Beijing Tiantan Hospital, the "Healthy China · Territories", which was created by the Hawthorn Pharmaceutical Joint Social Health, China Fund, was officially launched. Zhao Punti, chairman of the Social Social Work Development Foundation, director of the Director of the Chinese Medical Association Neurology Branch, Zhao Chao, president of step-by-step pharmacy, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting also invited more than ten neurological and evidence-based medical fields to participate in the discussion of project operations, in order to improve the discussion of Chinese youth scientific research capabilities. With the Social Social Work Development Foundation, this project is a comprehensive public welfare health study and education project, including the Yuanzhong Research Fund and the Yuanyuan Education Fund.

Zhao Chao, president of steps, said: "The Folk Research Fund is a good supplement to existing countries and provincial and ministerial scientific research funds.

As a comprehensive public welfare health research and education project, the long-term scientific research fund will conduct a favorable conditions for the creation of favorable conditions for the domestic advanced neurological disease prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation research projects. In order to further apply for a large research project. By motivating the enthusiasm of young doctors in my country’s neurons, improving clinical research capabilities, striving to cultivate more clinical medical scientists to contribute to the social responsibility of corporate citizens. "The project plan has invested about 1.5 million scientific research funds every year, collecting research projects focusing on the basic research in nervous system in nationwide, and encourages the application for young and middle-aged scholars in China to have certain scientific research experience, the highest project. It can get a funding amount of 200,000 yuan.

At the same time, it plans to invest 500,000 yuan of education funds every year, carry out innovative research and clinical research transformation series of education activities, promote the development of scientific research thinking of young and middle-aged physicians, encouraging more young and middle-aged physicians to settle the clinical problem, pay attention to innovation awareness And the transformation of clinical practice, to become a real clinical medical scientist. Professor Zhao Geong Springs, Department of Neurology Center, Beijing Tiantan Hospital, said: "Medical is experienced is scientific, medical thinking is scientific thinking, requires scientific exercise.

For doctors, clinical work and research work is complementary.

Only by scientific means can sublimate the problems and experiences encountered in clinical practice, they can communicate and promote, and they have been recognized by academic circles, which in turn serves a broader group service.

At present, the funds for cultivating the research and development capabilities of young doctors are still shortage. Thank you for the support of the cultivation of Chinese-green year-study talents. We also welcome more companies to focus on clinical scientific research, providing boosting the scientific development of neurology.

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