Chen He gave a high five,All at once filed in seven、Eight people,Hand or knife、stick、Iron chain,One of them is an old acquaintance of Chen Xiu——Li Kui’an。

“Oh it’s you!”
“Haha……Yes,it is me!”Li Kuian laughed and said:“I’ve said it will make you regret,It’s no use begging for mercy on your knees now!Hand over all the money you brought,Obediently stretch out a hand and chop it for me,I might consider forgiving you!”
“What if i refuse。”
Li Kui’an smiled more bohemian。
“Here in the countryside,I killed you and threw you on the mountain,When someone finds you, it’s a pile of bones!”
Li Kuian smiled more gloomily,Staring at the suitcase with one million cash in Chen Xiu’s hand, stretched out his hand and said:“Minor repair,For the sake of acquaintance,Now you obediently hand over the money……I count,I promise to only cut your hand!”
“Listen to uncle,Does money bring death or not,Come,be good,Give money to uncle,Guaranteed to save you!”
Li Kui’an thought he had controlled the audience,There are as many as ten people here,All with weapons,Chen Xiu is two people here,Although Hu Zi is very big。
but,No matter how big it is, it’s not just bigger meat!
Does he have the guts not to pay?
Li Kuian has already touched the suitcase,Pulled twice,Seeing that Chen Xiu was holding onto the suitcase hard。
Chen Xiu didn’t wait for him to continue threatening,Hit his nose with a punch,Put your head up on the ground,Nosebleeds spurted and splashed all over my face。
“Do you think you are determined to win?”Chen Xiu looked at Li Kuian on the ground coldly。
“Hands on,Kill them!”
Heard Li Kuian’s order,Chen Hecai wants to lead people,Hu Zi was the first to strike like a tiger descending a mountain, and hit Chen He in the chest with a straight punch.,Hit him back like a kite,It directly hit the wall before sliding down slowly,I don’t know whether my head is on the side。