Another year of Wenlin Yinxing Huang invited you to go to the art

Original title: Another year of Wenlin Yinxue Huangxun invites you to go to the art to play saxophone under the ginkgo tree.

The reporter Zhao Wei took the tree gold, the wind rose yellow leaves, to Wenlin Street to enjoy the winter scene, take beautiful pictures, just right.

A few days ago, Wuhua District Huashan Street "Yinhua Burning · Apricot has you" 2nd Ginkgo Art Festival opened in Cuihu Park, and launched the collection activities of Kunming "Cuihu Beautiful Recommendation". During the Ginkgo Art Festival, in addition to the ticket to Wenlin Street, the organizers also prepared a variety of music flashing, sketch exhibition, famous forum, modern market, non-legacy experience, book blind box drifting, etc. Fun activity.

  Under the ginkgo tree, the beautiful saxophone performance is floating.

In Wenlin Street, Cultural Lane, Tianjun Temple Lane, carefully designed wall painted and graffiti theme distribution box, attracting many citizens to play cards, feel the rhyme of Kunming’s early winter.

In the Tsui Lake Park Lianhua Zenyuan, the city’s public art "Thousands of miles of autumn and empty" sketch creation is also carried out. Tsuihu Ximen staged "Apricot" Fu 5hua – the inscription, painting comics, non-body test activities. There is a "Kunming Past" exhibition in the Ali Lane Art Museum. Huashan Street is also launched online "Cui Lake Beautiful Recommended Official" activities, leading the public to experience cultural Huimin card series probe activities.

  "The 14th Five-Year" Cultural and Creative Industry Development Plan for Kunming City "clearly suggested that the Wuhua District as the core area of ??the cultural and creative industry, and it is necessary to focus on Cuihu Cultural Creative Industry Circle. Based on this function positioning, Huashan Street depth integrates resources, excavation potential, and strives to create "15 minutes" 15 minutes cultural art circles "in the region of" Cuihu Great Wenchuang ". As a sub-brand project of the "Cuihu Great Wenchuang" regional public brand, the Book Art Festival is the theme of cultural leadership, combining blocks and communities, combining urban facilities in the district, commercial supporting and living atmosphere, Series cultural activities, gathering popularity, promoting the mission of literature, highlighting Wenlin Street and the distinctive international Fan and Art Fan.

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