China Railway Fifth Bureau Finance Sharing Center: RPA Financial Robot Helps Financial Management Intelligence

On the afternoon of July 20th, the China Railway Fifth Bureau Finance Sharing Center successfully paid a travel expenses reimbursed by employees of Changjinghuang (Anhui Section) Railway Project Department, which is different from the past, which is automatically completed through the RPA finance robot. The RPA robot begins to intervene from the shared process funds, and the traditional artificial plug-in payment application unit online banking ukey – login online banking – Fill in the payee information – check information – submit review – replace the online banking ukey A payment, this time consuming and easier process is all changed to robot automatic intelligence processing.

At present, China Railway Fourth Bureau handles 1500 fund payment services, bringing huge human resources challenges to the Financial Sharing Center.

Financial robots can run non-interruption in 24 hours, extend working hours; automatic entry functions effectively avoid the risk of funds from human mistakes, and improve work efficiency. Its successful application shortens the payment cycle and effectively releases human resources.

It is understood that in recent years, with the continuous expansion of the scale of China Railway Fourth Bureau, financial management pressure is also doubled. The China Railway Fifth Bureau will drive financial management intelligent construction as an important starting point for effective solution expansion and the contradiction of human resources, and promote the OCR system to develop the first RPA robot in China to issue VAT invoices. R & D used China Railway The four-game project "Let me" software, put financial human resources release from traditional complicated, inefficient, and process work, improve resource usage efficiency.

Financial management intelligent construction is not only changing the traditional financial work model, but also changes the concept of finance staff from the deep level, and promotes the reform of the financial organization. China Railway Fourth Bureau is exploring the level of intelligence of financial management, continuing to enrich the application scenarios in actual work, reducing the working pressure of each level, release human resources, and helps enterprises to transform the upgrade. (Li Xingwei Chen Jie) (Editor: Huang Yan, Jin Lexin).