‘Tianshi Yu six,Frequently,Be negative,Non-Jiang Jia Tianshi is unknown!’

Zhou Sir,I have a good time。
http://www.baoshanxiuhuadian.cn Keep in mind。
Plus a little spiritual force,No response。
He thought about it,Still no gun,But I chose to retreat.,Mr. Jiang said:“You touch your hand.。”
Mr. Jiang held a step forward.,Haven’t touched,Listen to the sound。
Cavement tremor,Shimen began to illuminate,Frightened ripple。It gradually opened in this process,Contraction。
I still have a card in the middle.,I want to be a long time。
It is a passage inside。
Zhou Zhiye remembers the ancient tombs on TV can’t go up.,Oxygen supply、Toxins in the air,But seeing the old monster’s figure has appeared in the cave,The stove horses also jumped into,He also stepped in。
Unrequited,Respiratory is more unobstructed。
About 20 meters long channel,This has explained the broad building,Also confirmed the brilliant of this native family。
http://www.bdmai.cn Finish,There is another stone door。
At this time, space has become a lot.,This stone door has also become a majestic atmosphere.,The head embossed with a monster roar,The door is even sitting on a huge stone lion,The door is written with simple text。
“This lion is good。”The sound of the 序,“Unfortunately, your family is too small.,Otherwise you can take back the door。”
The vision is silently seen by the door.。
These two stone leaves are bigger than usual.,The building of the unit building is afraid that there is no one.。And the sculpture style is more common than common stone lions.,I am afraid it will scare people.。
Waiting two http://www.qhoutdoor.cn people,Two stone leaves actually moved,Epidermal,It’s like being alive.。
Mr. Jiang was scared.。
Shishi is really alive.,Start coming from the stone base,The inter-action is not stiff,It is dexterous nature。
“do not worry。”Zhouzhi said Mr. Jiang,“The organs inside are all setting up your ancestors.,It’s a monster,And the benefits should be the pass yours.。”
Mr. Jiang is still stiffness standing in place.,See two stone lion trails to them。
A lion sniffs sniffs on the Zhou,呲 呲 狰狞 狰狞 色,But no attack。On the other hand, it is close to Mr. Jiang.,After smelling, turn it to the companion,So the two lions do not have a loop,Re-jump back to the base。