“Her business is very big,Have companies abroad,Brother Zhao’s advertising company was founded by him,Not long established,I’ll follow him,He is also strong,Plus his family connections,It won’t be long before it’s on track。”

“then,You and Zhao Qianqian met,There will be a later story。”
“Correct,I told you,After her dad found out,Half angry,Let me say if we come back again,Just find someone to break my leg,At that time I decided to leave Zhao Qianqian。”
“You didn’t talk to her parents?Just gave up?”Xia Shuyue asked。
“Nothing to talk about,The gap between the two is not so big,and,I already realized that I didn’t seem to like her,She is different from what I thought。”
“Yu Ge,I speak the truth,You never resign,You come to us,Mr. Zhang does not necessarily agree,She and Zhao are always friends,How can i take you in?and,Even if you agree to come,It’s impossible to give you a high salary,Think about it,The price is too great,not worth it。”Xia Shuyue knows Yu Ge’s difficulties。
“I know,I need money,The family is still waiting to send money,I leave Brother Zhao,I can’t find such a high-paying job,What photographer,to be frank,Three-point level,Seven-point relationship,Good Relationship,Your work will win the bid。”Yu Ge certainly knows。
Xia Shuyue knew in her heart,Although she doesn’t understand wedding dress design,But Zhang Siwei asked her to design,She can come up with a design plan with the same amount of thought,But if there is no chance,What about the master,“and so,Don’t be impulsive。”
“Xia Shuyue,I really like you,I really don’t care if you have a baby in your stomach,We work hard together,A few years later,We can do it alone。”Yu Ge does not give up a chance。
“We are now about three chapters,Not allowed to say this,Otherwise I turn my face。”Xia Shuyue knew in her heart,There is no Zhang Siwei behind,She can’t get ads,Can’t be fried。
169 It is not possible for us
Even after a few years,I really made money,Have some deposit,But it is impossible to reach a network like Zhang Siwei,Zhang Siwei’s contacts are also accumulated by his father over decades。
And myself,After graduation,Have not had a stable job,Have been drifting,Ever since I met Zhang Siwei,The situation slowly changed。
Not that she is not smart enough,But lack of personal connections,Neither her parents are big bosses,Just laid-off workers,High-rise buildings that can’t establish contacts。
When they are talking,Zhang Siwei is here。
“Si Wei。”
“boss Zhang。”
Xia Shuyue and Yu Ge both stood up。
“Sit down,Not an outsider。”Zhang Siwei holding the baby。