“Release!Director Lu is a meritorious minister!You are not allowed to take him away!”

For a time,The crowds on the street are passionate,The sound made louder than louder。
Five members of the investigation team were seated in two cars,They are all officials from provincial agencies,This time to investigate Lu Youshan,Seizure of Legendary Theme Park,In fact, it was also instructed by someone above,To snatch this big piece of fat from Lujiazui,I just didn’t expect Lu Youshan to have such a good local mass base。
The investigation team’s car won’t move,Team leader Feng Tao had to pull the car door,Bite the bullet and got out of the car。
“Comrades,The masses!Don’t make trouble!Trust the government!Director Lu is going to the province to be investigated,Will be back soon。”Feng Tao shouted。
But obviously,Liufang employees do not sell his account,This kind of empty talk,They have been fooled too many times,I don’t believe it anymore。
At this moment,From the head office building direction,Rushed over a group of people,They wear uniform uniforms,Big waist round,With a baton in his hand。
Is from the security department of the main plant!Seeing this group of people appear,The members of the investigation team in the car were overjoyed。
They called to the Liufang General Factory just now,Request someone to protect,Sure enough, the people from the Security Division arrived so soon。
These brawny men in the security department rushed to the front,Surrounded by two cars。
Feng Tao meets the security department,Suddenly relieved,In official language:“You guys came just right,Hurry up and maintain order,Let the crowd dispersed。We have to hurry back to the provincial capital!”
He is the provincial grade,The Liufang Security Division is really nothing in his eyes,So it’s natural to show a gesture of arrogance。
I don’t know that the big-waisted security chief waved his hand,Rough voice:“Let go of your mother!Don’t hand over Director Lu today,You can’t go anywhere!”
Hear defend